#4 Tortillas To Totems


In Sam’s fourth book Tortillas to Totems, as you travel across Mexico, the USA and Canada you’ll find stories of canyons, cowboys, idyllic beaches, bears, mountains, Californian vineyards, gun-toting policemen with grudges, glaciers, exploding volcanoes, dodgy border crossings and some of the most stunning open roads that a traveller could ever wish to see.



Reader ‘Kwaka’ says: Sam is a hugely positive individual and has a zest for life which really comes across in the book. It’s actually really therapeutic reading the book after a hard and mad day at work, you can escape with Sam, unwind and join him on his journey as he discovers new things. Sam has a wonderful way of story telling that enables you to put yourself as his riding partner and paints a vivid picture in your mind of where he is and what he’s seeing. The experiences come thick and fast…
Sam strikes a good balance by providing just enough relevant historical information so that you can understand the relevance of where he is with a few interesting facts thrown in without it getting too overpowering as I’ve had in some travel books where I haven’t got past Chapter 1. Oh and as per the other books in the series the pictures included are award winners. Each one. Really really stunning. You just want to look and stare at them and imagine what it must have been like to be there and how it would feel.
When I got to the end I was actually really sad. I was sad that the adventure was at the end. I wanted to read more… Sam is a really talented writer and he deserves top marks for another fantastic book.

Paperback 320 pages, 22 colour photographs, and pen and ink drawings throughout.


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