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Presentations allow me to share the fun, the surprises and the challenges of long distance travel. A favourite quote is, ‘The best adventures often happen on a road you hadn’t planned to be travelling’. Some of those unexpected adventures are bursting with drama, and some, pure joy! The pictures and music in my presentations help to bring the long road to life.

Sam presents multimedia talks and training classes for clubs, businesses, events and rallies.


If you’d like to enquire about booking Sam to entertain with one of his presentations or to teach at your event, please get in touch using the form below. You can also use this form if you have an order query.

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    We had the extreme pleasure of hosting an event for our customers where Sam presented highlights of his adventures outlined in his travel narrative, Into Africa. Sam’s exploits were brought to life with his engaging personality and his ability to take us to faraway places with his words and photos. Sam had us hanging on with him when detailing desperate measures and laughing out loud with his observations and lighter moments. Sam is living a wonderful life as a motorcycle adventurer and allows his audience to live vicariously through him with his stories.
    Motorcycles Of Dulles

    Everybody loved your presentation. You set the conference off with a thoughtful, funny, challenging and self-assessing tone. Thank you.
    Warranty Management Services UK

    We are delighted to have you as one of our VIP presenters.
    Overland Expo

    Among others, Sam has conducted talks for various venues around the USA, Denmark, Germany and in England, the Wilderness Lectures, Overland Expo, Horizons Unlimited, Rhondda Valley Motor Club, Globetrotters Club, GS Club UK, BMW Club (various sections), Moto Guzzi Club, Norton Owners Club, Devon TRF, Ringwood Travel Club, Guildford Book Festival for the Guildford Travel Club, North Devon ROSPA, Solent Advanced Motorcyclist Club, the Rainy City Harley Davidson Club, BMW 49ers CA, Overland Expo, BMW Santa Clarita CA, BMW Riverside CA, BMW San Diego CA, Morton’s BMW Fredericksburg VA, the Devon Advanced Motorcyclists Club, the Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists Club, BMW of San Jose, GoAz of Phoenix, the Red Rose Harley Davidson Owners Group, Robert White ‘Big Weekend’ Photographic Show, Rotary Club, AIRSO, and the Bedford Book Festival.

    Sam has an open and engaging style; his presentations are absorbing and reward the audience with a real sense of being welcomed along for the ride. Over the past eight years or so I’ve seen a range of Sam’s presentations describing his travels and experiences as well as technical aspects of motorcycle travel and have always come away feeling informed, entertained and inspired.
    Overland Magazine

    Thanks once again for everything you did – and for how you did it. Everyone I’ve spoken to was blown away by your presentation and by how approachable they found you.
    BMW Airhead Event 2018

    Thank you for coming to Denmark. We have lots of feedback saying that people really enjoyed your presentations.
    Horsens Motorcycle Festival

    The way Sam presents makes you feel like you were right there alongside of him. Not only does he do a great job with the presentation but he arrived a day earlier and helped us to set up. We had so many people attend, the area was soon standing room only. I could go on about the experience our customers had with Sam but it would be best for you to enjoy it all yourself.
    Dunbar Eurosports

    Sam Manicom shares his lifetime of around-the-world motorcycle adventures with a highly engaging, friendly, and inspirational speaking style. His audiences are consistently entertained, delighted, and charmed by his breath-taking stories, enthusiastic delivery, and insightful commentary. Sam is a guaranteed crowd pleaser who takes his listeners on exotic adventures they can often only dream of and returns them satisfied after each speaking performance inspired to live their lives more fully. Sam Manicom is one of the best motorcycle adventure speakers in the world.
    Northern California BMW Motorcycle Association

    Sam Manicom’s talk was interesting, amusing and hugely enjoyable. We look forward eagerly to his next presentation for our group.
    ROSPA Motorcycle Training

    We’d like you to come back again!
    Morton’s BMW Fredericksburg

    Sam Manicom is a beacon of inspiration who delivers the goods. We were thrilled to have Sam do a presentation at our dealership. Sam has a world-wide audience, and a sizeable number of guests came for the first time to our dealership for the engagement. One couple drove over 700 miles to come to our dealership and experience ‘Into Africa,’ Sam’s flagship topic.
    All age groups from teenagers, and adults, to seasoned citizens, have been thoroughly engrossed and enchanted by Sam’s presentation. He delivers a unique, passionate, and original presentation. Many guests even report feeling teleported to the locations Sam is describing, seeing colors, smelling smells, and hearing sounds in their imagination.
    Irv Seaver BMW USA

    You kept the audience riveted to their seats! I think you surprised more than a few of them.
    Horizons Unlimited N Carolina

    You gave us a brilliant evening and I cannot thank you enough. I’m sure our larger than usual audience got as much pleasure from your enthusiastic talk as I did. You certainly tell a wonderful story and we look forward to hearing more of your adventures in the future.
    Guildford Travel Club

    A special Thank You to Sam Manicom for his presentation at BMW Motorcycles of Santa Clarita. Whether or not you are interested in traveling the world on 2 wheels, his story is one that compels you to get off the couch and go somewhere you haven’t been before. Sam has 8 years and 200,000 miles of 2 wheel travel experience that is shared in his books. I highly recommend his presentation.
    BMW Motorcycles of Santa Clarita

    I was recently lucky enough to be able to hear Sam Manicom presenting his worldwide motorcycling adventures. I didn’t know Sam but I was ‘Chairing’ the AIRSO annual motorcycle conference and a colleague recommended him to me as a speaker. AIRSO is all about Road Safety and I wasn’t sure how including a motorcycle traveller/adventure rider would work, but I’m so glad I took a chance on him!

    Sam has an engaging personality, and excellent presentation skills. He guides the audience through his journey to the point where you can almost imagine you are there (aided by some wonderful photos). He is also very good at adapting to suit his audience (in this case Road Safety Professionals) and also the conference theme – he found ways of comparing risk and attitudes that he encountered on his journeys with those that are considered ‘the norm’ here in the UK.

    I put Sam on first, as an ice-breaker to introduce the day and get the audience relaxed and interacting during the conference. This turned out to be an excellent decision, by the time we reached the first coffee break all the delegates were talking about Sam and his exploits with great enthusiasm and they came back to the conference keen to listen to the rest of the speakers. I would highly recommend Sam as a speaker to any organisation with an interest in motorcycling, my expectations were exceeded!
    Karen Cole, Director of Safety and Training, Motor Cycle Industry Association

    I just wanted to say a huge Thank You from The Rotary Club of Okehampton for your presentation. The feedback I have received has been fantastic, from people of all ages, many of whom have no experience of motorcycling at all. One member said it was the most entertaining and interesting afternoon she has ever been to!

    I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you as a speaker of the very highest quality – and indeed I will very gladly do so.
    The Rotary Club

    A very interesting, down-to-earth, and entertaining talk. You finished off our season of lectures in style and with a happy audience. I look forward to your return “follow-up” in the future.
    Wilderness Lectures

    On completion at the stunt arena, a stampede headed for the main hall to aquire a seat to listen to Sam Manicom relate stories of his travels on a BMW R80GS. Sam held everyone’s attention for two hours with his brand of humour, enthusiasm, superb photography and humility in explaining his adventures over eight years. These tales are available in his 4 books, which have received rave reviews from all aspects of the motorcycling press.
    BMW Owners Club Journal (talking about their 60th anniversary rally)

    Sam kept the room spellbound. What an amazing storyteller who transports you to far off lands and carries you with him every step of the way. I really felt as if I were riding alongside Sam during his amazing journeys and could smell the adventure. There is no doubt that Sam is worth making the effort to go and see/hear as he tells of his adventures around the world. One can only admire his stamina, enthusiasm and passion for travel and I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage you to travel to an event, or even book him for your own talk.
    BMW Southern Section

    Sam’s presentations are backed by top quality music from various artists. The soundtrack to the Distant Suns presentation, courtesy of EGO Recordings, is by Al Marconi who specialises in the evocative sound of Spanish Guitar.