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Readers making the effort to write in has been incredibly special. When I wrote it I’d no idea if people would like ‘Into Africa’, or if the book would be destined to become a useful fire lighter! To know that it has given pleasure and encouragement makes the book, for me, a total success. I hope that you too will enjoy the adventure on this amazing continent.

Five Stars. This is a wonderful engaging and immersive story of travelling through Africa by motorcycle. From chapter one Sam grabs you by the scruff the neck and drags you kicking and screaming along side him on his adventures. And what adventures they are. Most people would not even contemplate doing what Sam does and whether it’s his naivety or just his willingness to try anything, it makes for a rollicking read. If you ever wanted to know what the real Africa is like then this is the book for you.
Mr C – UK

Really well written and gripping to read. Sam makes you feel like you’re travelling with him and it’s far more than an account of his journey. Learn what he thinks of his surroundings and discover that he’s a thoroughly decent bloke. Ordered Under Asian Skies as soon as I finished this.
Steve – England

From start to finish this book drew me in – the writing style and the description of the world Sam sees is wonderful. The story takes you through the highs and lows of the journey and leaves you wanting more.
Spoonful – England

An awesome tale of one man’s trip around Africa by motorcycle. Superbly written and a must read for anyone who likes true tales of adventure.
Ben E – UK

I just finished reading Into Africa and I heartily award it 5 stars. I met Sam at a Horizons Unlimited event, I listened to him speak, and I immediately purchased copies of all his books. Into Africa is the first one I’ve read and I love it. I’ve traveled internationally on a motorcycle, and although my travels have been trivial compared to Sam’s, I’ve traveled enough to know that he speaks from experience. Sam captured the adventure in a manner that made me feel as if I was there riding along with him. The fatigue, the excitement, the fear, the discomfort, the food, the fun…it’s all there. I’ve read nearly every moto travel adventure story out there, and this is one of the best. It’s a great read. I can’t wait to read Sam’s other books. He tells a wonderful story.
Joe – USA

Into Africa provided hours of good reading and inspiration to ride further out of my comfort zone. Sam is a great story teller, both in person as well as in his writing. His detail and descriptions easily take you into the very scene as you read.
Tim – USA

Into Africa provided hours of good reading and inspiration to ride further out of my comfort zone. Sam is a great story teller, both in person as well as in his writing. His detail and descriptions easily take you into the very scene as you read.
Tim – USA

Sam does a wonderful job to bring the reality of Africa to life. He describes the land and people in a very clear, vivid style, so you have the ultimate feeling ‘of being there’. (You can’t ask anything more of a travel writer!). The writing hooks you in and moves along very smoothly. In moments of high drama I simply could not put the book down. Sam is the kind of traveller you want to meet on the road, and will not forget. I look forward to reading his next book Under Asian Skies and am very pleased I stumbled upon this book, I highly recommend it!
Will – England

A book you just cannot put down. An awesome tale of one man’s trip around Africa by motorcycle. Superbly written and a must read for anyone who likes true tales of adventure.
Ben – England

A captivating read. From start to finish this book drew me in – the writing style and the description of the world Sam sees is wonderful. The story takes you through the highs and lows of the journey and leaves you wanting more.
Amazon reader

Five Stars. One of the best books of its kind. Looking forward to reading his others.
Debra – England

I have read all of Sam Manicom’s books and they are excellent. The well written descriptions of the people and places often made me feel as if i was actually there. I highly recommend these books to anyone interested in travel of any sort.
Nigel – England

Brilliant! Covers not only the effort of riding a motorcycle in rough, even dangerous terrain, but narrates a comprehensive review of the Country he is riding in. Gives a delightful insight into the lives and living conditions of the people he meets.
Amazon reader

Fascinating, compelling and written with care. Thoroughly recommended
Amazon reader

Sam’s iPhone talking book Into Africa makes perfect listening whilst riding my GS 4000 km’s across Australia
David – On the road somewhere in Australia

A friend told me I should read your book. His recommendations are usually c***. So I’ve only just read it. Awesome. I’ve traveled in some of Africa – your book is the first one I’ve read that does this continent justice. I hope it encourages many people to travel there – so long as they don’t fall off as much as you did! I’m gonna read the next one now. Hope its as good.
Jamie – USA

Reading Into Africa was an absolute delight, inspirational, and the way you write makes it so easy to become so totally absorbed in the content. I can honestly say that there wasn’t a page within the book that didn’t access my total attention.
Janet – England

I must say it’s one of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read. Your ability to describe the feelings and sights, smells and general attitude of the people you meet is top notch, looking forward to starting the next book.
Noel – Australia

Sam, why have I not come across your books before????? Fab. Love it. I have to have the next one, and I see you have two more after that. I can’t wait. Making an order today.
Beth – Tasmania

I’ve just read Into Africa on my Kindle. How wonderful. I can never imagine traveling there myself but the way you describe it makes it sounds really special. I think you are a lucky man to have survived everything and I think you have real talent too. Love your writing style.
Lucy Beth – USA

Hi Sam
I just wanted to drop you these few lines, as I just finished your “Into Africa” and I have to say that I really enjoyed it! It was an absolutely addictive reading and I found myself a few times looking forward to have some spare time and read more!
Your writing style is engaging and you manage to let the reader feel they are there with you. Excellent!
The only downside (!) is that your book has made me even more motivated in my decision to take some good time off work, and start travel!
Look forward to reading now “Under Asian Skies” who is now sitting quietly on my bookshelves…
Many thanks!
Gianluca – Italy

Hi Sam
I’d just like to say that even though I have only read a couple of books cover to cover in my whole life, yours was a book I could not put down.
Steve – UK

Dear Sam,
Just to say how much I enjoyed the Africa book. My sister bought it for me for Xmas after hearing your talk at the Ringwood Travel Club.
I am not a biker, but hitched/backpacked your route the other way round in 1971, starting in Durban at the beginning of July and ending in London 3 and a half months later. Great fun at an irresponsible age.
Thanks for good read…echoes of Ted Simon.
Bob – UK

Hi Sam,
First things first, your book Into Africa is simply brilliant, truly the best motorcycle travel book I have ever read.
Kind Regards
Drew – UK

I finished the book yesterday. I really liked it. Frankly, I was worried that this book would be another pompous overwritten tale… NOT! You’ve done a very good job here. Congrats.
Todd – USA

Hi Sam,
Nice to meet you at the BMF, I have just read your book…………I loved it! I guess you have heard this before, but it’s underlined to me that everyone is capable of an adventure! They might not be of a great scale but it’s the spirit that is important! Thanks for writing it all down.
Kind regards,
Bryan – England

I wanted to get in contact with you to say how much my wife and I enjoyed your book, in fact we bought another copy for my wife’s brother’s birthday and he read it cover to cover in 3 days, no mean feat for him as he usually takes 3 weeks to read the back of the cornflake packet…
All the best
Grant – England

One of my Christmas presents from Mum was your book! We have both absolutely adored it. The way in which you have written about scenes and experiences really brings the account to life and of course it has generated pangs and yearnings for both of us to travel again.
Justin – Australia

Less than a half hour ago, I completed “Into Africa: Africa by Motorcycle”, by one very talented writer by the name of Sam Manicom. Just getting to it took some time as I was determined to finish the previous book I had been reading (The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich), which was over 1200 pages long. I eventually did finish that one however, and ‘Into Africa’ was next on my list.
What can I say other than “wow” – the book left me breathless.
John – USA

Hi Sam,
I have just spent the last few days reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I, more or less, will be following your route and I must admit the first few Chapters filled me with trepidation!!
However I made it through to the end of the book and am now looking forward to getting started myself.
Thanks for all your effort in getting this into print. I, for one, really appreciate it.
Dennis – England

Hi Sam,
Enjoying the book so much am sending one to a mate!
Chris – England

Hi Sam,
I have just started reading your book and the only thing I can say: It is almost impossible to put it away once you started reading it.
Tina – Germany

Hi Sam,
I loved the book and have already given my own copy away, and need to replace it, and need to buy another for a friend.
Mary – England

Having read many a book about this fantastic continent I found that even good writers had difficulties to bring across so much of what is Africa. I fantasized that perhaps the only way would be to involve all the senses in a little ‘hands-on’ book: flip-up characters, a chip with some music, a ‘scratching’ of the pages to get the wood burning smells etc.
But then – you send me YOUR book – it’s FABULOUS!
It’s the best book I’ve ever read about my beloved Africa. In your writing you make it all come alive in WORDS. I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE, but you did it! The smells, the laughter, the hardships… they all come floating off of the pages. A very BIG APPLAUSE!
Patricia – Germany

I have my own copy – great read – cheque enclosed for 2 copies for Christmas presents!
Rod – Scotland

Dear Sam,
I have now read your book cover to cover. I found the book an excellent read and humorous at times. A mixed bag of emotions. A real adventure and a lot of good will.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew – England

The Africa book is quite good. I got to about page one hundred and eleven between movies and things on my flight. I like books that are not written by die hard boaster bikers.
Glenn – USA

Message to the GS ClubUK website:
I have just got finished with Sam Manicom’s ‘ Into Africa ‘ Very good it is too and highly recommended. It has given me a thirst for more!
BingBong – England

I already have a copy of this most interesting book – I lent it to my sister to read and she has asked for two extra copies for other relatives.
With many thanks.
Donald – England

Hello Sam,
A friend lent me your book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think you have a ‘light touch’ which really made the people you describe come alive. I was brought up in Lupane, about half way between the Victoria Falls and Bulawayo. Your description of the strip roads, which we often used, brought it all back for me.
Sarah – England

Read book, brilliant. I think you have two angels watching you. Given me something to think about, am I brave enough, could I organize it are just two things that come to mind. Anyway, again, brilliant! Well written, kept my interest all the way through.
Ian – England

I gave your book as a pressie to a Spanish friend. She was delighted to get it – so I need my own copy please.
Meg – England

Liked the book that much I want one for my brother-in-law, and do you have any plans to write a follow up about the rest of your travels?
Grant – Scotland

Message to Johnnie Walker BBC Radio 2:
A couple of months ago you interviewed Sam Manicom about his expedition through Africa on his R80GS. I asked my sister if his book could be my birthday present. It was. I’ve nearly finished the book now and just wanted to drop you a line to say what a terrific read it is. Lifts the spirits of anyone with even a drop of wanderlust in their veins. Every night I fall asleep with Sam’s latest drama or adventure playing in my mind.
Jerry – England

Hi Sam
Just finished it, really enjoyed the read. Thank you!
All the best,
Catherine – England

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