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Motorcycle Organisations, Clubs and Parts Suppliers

BMW GS Enthusiasts Forum. One of the most enthusiastic motorcycle Forums on line today. If your taste is for the useful and the tongue in cheek, for rideouts and events, then check out this forum.

GS Club UK
BMW GS CLUB – UK Enthusiasts Club. If you ride a GS or are interested in riding one, then check out this friendly site for all the news, meets and events, and ups and downs.

GS Giants
If you are a fan of BMW GS bikes and love to ride off road, then this is a link to click on! Quoting from their site ‘The GS Giants love adventure riding and socializing with each other, hosting riding events, helping each other if we fall down or break down.’

ADV Rider
This incredibly active forum is for Adventure Riders. Be you dual sporting or overlanding, this site is one that you should have logged in as a favorite. Go here for adventure riding, how-to’s and technical knowhow.

Trail Riders Fellowship
The UK’s largest trail bike riders association. The Trail Riders Fellowship was established in 1970, since when the organisation has been heavily involved in preserving access to, and helping to maintain standards of, public rights of way throughout England and Wales. Jon your local club and have the chance to get some excellent experience of off roading before you set off on your trip, or just go for the fun and the fellowship.

The BMW Club
The BMW Owners Club official UK site. Here you can chat, research and find out info regarding all types of BMW bikes.

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
The official BMW Owners Club in the USA . Forum, magazine, events and more.

BMW Riders Association USA
Forum, OTL magazine, events and much more.

BM Bikes
The alternative BMW Club. If you don’t like the more formal way of Clubs then BM Bikes could well be your cup of tea.

BM Riders Club
The unofficial BMW Motorcycle Club in the UK and abroad. These two clubs are closely linked and are a great source of information and camaraderie.

The Moto Guzzi Club GB
These guys get into some really long distance tours and the 30 branch club produces an excellent magazine called Gambalunga, meaning Long leg. It contains heaps of articles, letters and other interesting features.

Honda Trail Bike Riders
Link up here with an enthusiastic bunch of Honda trail riders. This over 6,700 strong membership forum gives you the chance to chat, to buy and sell and to get the real info on Honda Trail bikes.

Big Trail Bike
The site was formed to Share technical knowledge on bikes, put fragmented groups of riders in touch with each other, share “grin factor” & rights of way information on surfaced and unsurfaced roads and create an international data base of events, riding days/weekends & Touring Holidays.

CW Motorcycles
Extremely helpful and experienced BMW service garage. I have a personal connection with them though. CW’s were kind enough to introduce me to Johnnie Walker at the BBC and have hosted the launch of both Into Africa and Under Asian Skies. My books have been a success because of the boost they gave me.

The Ace Cafe London
Not only is this ‘the’ iconic motorcycle cafe in London but its home to events of all types including their Adventure and Overlanding day each March. They were an amazing boost to my books by hosting the launch of my 3rd and 4th books – Distant Suns and Tortillas to Totems.

Road Runner Auto Transport
Limited time to make a trip and want to concentrate your exploring on a particular area of the USA, or moving house, or… Check out these guys. They are experts at getting your bike from A to B across the States so you can do what means the most to you.

Moto Freight
These guys pioneered vehicle shipping for travellers, buyers and sellers in the UK. They are also experienced in all types of cargo from small packages to projects of hundreds of tons and can help with all of your freighting needs. Great to deal with.

Jesse Luggage
Manufacturer of aluminium panniers, racks and top boxes. The toughest panniers I’ve used! Top class design makes them long lasting and very easy to use.

Avon Tyres
Tyre manufacturer. This company was kind enough to sponsor us for the latter four years of the trip and I still ride with their tyres!

Twisted Throttle
Waterproof bags, panniers, lights, screens and more. If you are looking for experienced, friendly advisors then you can’t go wrong here. The company has a huge selection of quality kit that has been selected for motorcycle touring and travel.

Held Motorcycle clothing
I’ve been using Held motorcycle jackets, gloves and riding trousers for the last 6 years and have been totally impressed with the design and quality, so I thought I’d include them here.

Moto Manufacturing
This is a new engineering company that we are going to hear lots more of. There’s some very cleverly designed equipment already coming out from them.

Suppliers of an extensive selection of Overlanding Kit. A giant catalogue is available from this company and in it you will find just about every accessory for overlanding that has been thought of.

Adventure Spec
If you are into long range, unsupported adventure riding then this is a site you’ll need to know about. These guys specialise in a wide range of kit that they have tested in full on conditions.

The Adventure Bike Shop UK
An efficient, knowledgeable and friendly company which is run by overlanders. The team can sort you out with just about every bit of kit you’ll need to head out on an adventure.

Outback Motortek
Top quality, incredibly tough crash bars and bash plates.

Green Chile ADV
A one stop shop for motorcycle luggage strapping systems – check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

LOMO Waterproof bags
Top quality waterproof motorcycle bags. These guys started making gear for sailing so they know just how important 100% waterproof bags are…

BMW parts and equipment – New and Second hand. Also an efficient, knowledgeable and friendly company.

BMW parts and equipment – New and Second hand. An efficient knowledgeable and friendly company.

James Sherlock
BMW parts and equipment – New and Second hand.

Bernd Tesch
Equipment, producer of alu-boxes and racks. Tesch is a long term traveler whose annual Tesch Treffen overlanders meet in Belgium should be a must for anyone who is interested in overlanding.

The world’s largest collection of motorcycle travel books in all languages from 1910 up to now – around 1,300 books in all.

Motorbike Search Engine
One of the leading UK motorcycle websites, view motorcycles for sale, motorbike videos, motorcycle accessories and Alpinestars shop. Free competitions, motorbike directory, 2008 motorcycle events, there’s something for everyone.

As Birgit’s ’71 BMW R60/5 and my ’91 R80GS can now both be called ‘Classic bikes’… If you are interested in older bikes, particularly to tour on, then check this site out.

Publications and Travel Information

Horizons Unlimited
The website motorcycle travellers trust. Travellers community, bike travel information on the Bulletin Board, free Monthly Motorcycle Travel E-zine, travellers’ stories, and plenty of tips and info! Horizons hold Travellers Meets all over the world and they are fantastic brain picking opportunities. Check out their new ‘How to’ DVD’s.

Adventure Rider Radio
This is the world’s most listened to motorcycle podcast, and its in the top 5% of all the worlds podcasts! The weekly ARR show is packed with interviews, information on overlanding, equipment, and adventure riding skills. The RAW show, hosted by Jim Martin, happens monthly with a panel of 5 highly experienced overlanders from around the world. Listeners submit topics for discussion. Because the ‘5’ have all travelled by motorcycle but in very different ways, listeners are guaranteed a wide range of top tips, and there’s plenty of banter!

Adventure Bike TV
Top adventure motorcycling tips, reviews on bikes and gear, interviews, competitions, articles and much more. Sometimes tongue in cheek; always interesting!

Overland Magazine
From a weekend spent riding in a neighbouring county to a year in a neighbouring continent, the versatility and immediacy of motorcycle travel brings a host of benefits, not least a more vivid exposure to the mass of humanity. OVERLAND aims to demonstrate that any bike and any budget can provide an enriching experience.

ADVMoto Magazine
ADVMoto is for readers and riders who wish to point themselves towards a different tomorrow. As creators of our own futures, adversity is an opportunity to expand ourselves while we inspire – and are inspired . Whether hitting distant dirt trails or getting lost in far away lands, we seek other places, times and landscapes to find ourselves in stark contrast to the usual surroundings. ADVMoto takes you there.

Adventure Bike Rider Magazine
The largest adventure rider magazine in the UK. Full of motorcycle news, reviews and inspiration. A hugely active forum. Be prepared for chat, laughs and sharing of info and news on events etc

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure Magazine
If you are looking for a magazine which has something about all forms of motorcycling, be it adventure riding to classics, to sports, to scooters and more, then take a look. MSL was the first magazine to take articles from me when I was on the big trip and they have been a significant supporter of my work since then.

Adventure Motorcycling
Chris Scott desert specialist, adventurer and author of such books as ‘Desert Travels’, ‘Sahara Overland’, ‘Morocco Overland’ and the invaluable ‘Adventure Motorcycle Handbook’.

Ted Simon
Author of ‘Jupiter’s Travels’, ‘Riding High’ and ‘Dreaming of Jupiter’, Ted Simon has inspired a generation of travelers and motorcyclists to get out and adventure on two wheels. His book Jupiter’s Travels is now a classic and should be on anyone’s reading list.

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide
An interesting Top Tips Travel Guide covering helpful and actionable tips and advice about travel emergencies and disaster awareness whilst travelling or vacationing abroad and what travellers can do to prepare for and stay safe in case of an emergency. And much more…

Supplier of superb travel guides. For those setting out for the first time, these guide books give a ton of valuable information which will help you to have a safer and more interesting adventure. History, background, the politics, money, food, health, town center maps and places to stay.

Footprint Travel Guides
We thought of these guide books as the ‘alternative’ guides but as travellers with our own vehicles we came to find them more use than LP Guides. eg They often state which hostals and hotels have off road parking.

Travel club for independent travellers. This friendly and enthusiastic London based club for all ages holds talks from some fascinating speakers from the travel world.

Travel magazine. But that doesn’t cover it. If you need some inspiration, then check out this magazine. It’s really well written, has some stunning photography and travel book reviews, and…

UK’s best one stop shop for travel books and maps. If you are setting off on an adventure then you couldn’t do better than to spend a few hours in this brilliant shop first.

London Bikers
News, reports, events, shop and community. It’s all here and not just for Londoners.

The Backpack
The best Backpackers Hostel in Cape Town. Friendly, local, perfectly placed for both the city and Table Mountain – what more could you ask for. Oh and the owners are experienced travelers too.

The Africa Guide
A Cultural Discovery. This stunning site will open your eyes to a side of Africa that will add real value to your adventure.

University College London Hospitals
Tropical Disease Hospital/Travel Clinic offers pre-travel advice i.e. inoculations. Don’t go without them! Get these right and you are on for a far safer and healthier trip.

Kaapstad Motorcycle Adventure Tours
South African Guided Motorcycle tours at their best.

Nevada Adventure Rentals
Specialising in Adventure Touring Motorcycle Rentals, Outdoor Equipment Rentals and Logistics Support. Nevada is a great start to any trip through the USA.

Discover the known beauty of Wales, and experience the parts of this country that most people never see.

Motorbike Europe
Planning adventures in Europe? Check this site first!

As one of the most experienced operators in Colombia you are, whether you are renting or joining a tour, guaranteed excellent service and always the newest fleet of bikes available.

Pan American Highway motorcycle expeditions run by round the world motorcyclists Kevin and Julia Sanders. This world record breaking duo run unique motorcycle tours the length of the Americas, through Northern Africa and are now to lead a phenominal expedition of motorcyclists across some of the most rugged parts of Central Asia, and on through China.

Nick Sanders
Round the world motorcyclist, author and motorcycle adventure tour leader. Nick is one of those people that emerge from the world of motorcycling as a completely individual character. He has broken world records, pushed himself to the limit, makes dreams come true and has produced a series of books and DVDs with some stunning photography.

Moto Explorers
Interested in riding the Silk Road? Then check in with this company! The hugely experienced team will guide you, teach you and share the magic of this part of the world.

Offroad Vietnam
Adventure touring in Vietnam. If you can get away for just two weeks and dream of adventure in a stunning land, then this may well be the company you need to be contacting.

Bike Normandy
Bike tour experience in France for both on and off-road motorcyclists. For everything from long weekend trips to longer tours this husband and wife team will show you a side of Normandy that would otherwise take you years to discover on your own.

DART – Dragoo Adventure Rider Training
If you are in central southern USA then check out these guys. They have a terrific reputation for off road motorcycle rider training.

Mission Aviation Fellowship
This airborne charity concentrates of flying medical and food aid, plus medical staff into some of the most remote areas of the world. Often landing on no more that rough dirt strips their role is perilous and they need all the help they can get from us.

Capital City World Clock
Trying to get your head around time zones? This site can help you do just that.

World Weather and Average Rainfall & Temperatures (3.4mb PDF)
What’s happening out there? Need to know when to go? These two sites will help you plan.

British Foreign and Commonwealth Office Travel Advice
US Department of State Travel Advice
Government Travel Advice – Australia
These three sites offer you a varied selection of government level travel advice. Take a look at all three and you’ll be on the way to getting a balanced viewpoint to suit yourself.

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