Distant Suns

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…I was thoroughly enjoying adventuring on a motorcycle. The freedom the bike gave me was phenomenal and the adventures she got me into never stopped rolling. I was loving it, and I wanted more! Could I keep going? Was there any good reason to stop? I could and there wasn’t, and after the next three years adventuring across the Antipodes, Asia and the Middle East, I was even hungrier for more. South America was the new dream, and when I realised that I could scrape enough money together to keep going, the adventure continued to roll. When my guardian angel was there for us, the journey was a combination of laughter, adrenaline burning fun and pure awe.

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Distant Suns by Sam Manicom


Suddenly, her bike leapt wildly over a set of heat heaves and she was instantly heading straight for the scrub-covered verge! …I could see her grabbing her brakes with every bit of strength she had and I could see how her eyes were wide with fear. The bike was skipping madly and I was sure she was about to come a cropper, big time. But no, with surprising strength and huge willpower she managed to pull her bike to a halt, just short of the ditch. When I got to her she was sitting on the bike shaking with the after effect of effort and fear. She said, ‘I can’t do this!’ and tears rolled down her face. They weren’t tears of fear, they were tears of frustration that she’d even thought, ‘I can’t do this’.

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Once again, a superbly entertaining piece of travel writing… Sam just has a way of writing that I love – somehow he manages to convey the humor, the fear, the joy and the sadness in a few words and that is a real skill. I truly feel that I’m travelling with him, sharing the trials and tribulations, meeting people and suffering the anxieties and frustrations. Sam manages to share the trip with the reader in a way that few authors manage…

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Readers’ Feedback

Having read Sam’s two previous books. I was keen to follow his continuing journey. The previous books had given me a taste for the visual stimulation that only a well written travel book can give. You feel that you share the moment, drama and sense of excitement of his travels. Sam’s latest book is no exception. Birgit as his travel companion gives a new light to his travels. Well done Sam. I hope others enjoy this book as much as I have.

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