#3 Distant Suns


Sam’s dynamic third book Distant Suns transports you to Southern Africa and South America in an action packed three year journey. You are led effortlessly through these very different worlds by his enthusiasm and his acute observations on everything from human behaviour to remote and stunning locations.



Reader C Robinson says: This is the third amazing adventure book, easy to read and hard to put down – the story telling just gets better and better. For all those who love travel, non-bikers included, this is such an exciting adventure, visiting places that most of us only dream of seeing. Sam’s descriptive skills of landscapes, people, atmospheres, ‘red tape’, and highs and lows along the way, bring the journey to life, invoking all the senses. You realise that some of the most rewarding travel experiences can be achieved on a very limited budget, if you are brave enough to give it a go, and receptive to the environment around you.

Paperback 368 pages, 23 colour photographs, and pen and ink drawings throughout.


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