Into Africa (slightly marked cover)


Some time back a batch of copies of 'Into Africa' arrived with very slightly marked covers. The rest of each book is in perfect condition. We don't feel comfortable selling them at full price so are offering them at £4.50.




Sam Mancom’s first travel book Into Africa takes you riding an enlightening, yet daunting journey across fourteen countries between Cairo to Cape Town. It’s completely upfront with the adventures, mishaps, dust, heat and the thrills of overlanding. You’ll find that Sam’s perceptions of people, places and the various predicaments have real depth and texture. Whether he’s being shot at, arrested, jailed, knocked unconscious in the depths of the Namibian desert or living in a remote Tanzanian village, you’ll find that he evokes the sights, sounds and smells with a natural ease that takes you right into each scene.


Reader Ezri says: I bought this book for a friend who isn’t much into travel reading and doesn’t ride a bike, but who did need a reminder of what’s possible. Such as a non-biker buying a bike and setting off around Africa on the kind of adventures us lifelong bikers only dream of. Not to mention the fact Sam had never written a book before and openly wondered if readers would even be interested. Then produces a fantastic page turner!

It’s not just the adventure Sam takes us on, but the way he tells it. His writing style is akin to sitting with a good friend and listening to his travel stories. I so enjoyed the way he described everything he could see, smell and hear in a neat, interesting way that really takes you there, before he whisks you off again.

I’ve read a lot of travel books and this is one of my favourites. As for my friend, he was not only inspired but got into reading travel books too!

Paperback 305 pages, 25 colour photographs and pen and ink drawings throughout.


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