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Twenty Travellers’ Tales From Around The World




The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World

“Just finished The Moment Collectors – and true to its title, the 20 authors in the book carefully painted vivid pictures of the lands they traveled – the culture, the topography, the climate, the smells, sights, sounds of such special moments in time – bringing each chapter to life for the reader. Thanks to Sam and his amazing collection of fellow two wheeled authors for this wonderful respite around the the globe on a favored form of transport. Thank you for allowing me to vicariously visit these inspiring places along with each of you.”
Victoria Z – USA

“It’s a brilliant book, highly entertaining and readable. Truly one of those books you savour. HOWEVER, there should be a warning sign. ‘Reading this book will inspire you to travel, & b….r the cost!’”
Graham B – Australia

“Sam Manicom has done it again. This time bringing together a compilation of 20 authors, including himself, of their most memorable moments of travel. With a wide range of travelers from around the world, you will be transported with fascinating stories from each author to different places around the world. These individual chapters will keep you rivited, and wanting more. I would recommend this book to everyone, not just travelers. If you have traveled, it will make you itch for the next adventure. If you have never travelled, it just may make you jump into your first big adventure. So beware, I warned you.”
Greg T – USA

“Definitely the tonic we can all use right now given the geopolitical climate. I am only halfway thru but accomplished that in one sitting. The stories are varied, from different riders and their unique experiences in different countries. The writings are long enough to provide a taste of each authors style and cadence. You could plan to read individual short stories at your leisure, each being only a few pages long, but the challenge will be to set the book down after one. Firstly, you will realize that a world traveled in no way reflects the misperceptions, typically of fear and danger, we have cultivated. The best part of the book is the constant of shared humanity and generosity regardless of where the writers travelled. It’s the people with the most limited means that show up to help and are the most giving. Humans being human. Civility and kindness beyond the perceived barriers of borders or language. Like I said, I am only halfway through, but so far this has provided a welcome window into the good stuff that bonds us.”
Eric S – Canada

“Winter is the time for refurbishing and rebuilding not only our bikes but ourselves too. What better than to be able to encounter some many different travelers in one book.”
Richard – USA

“Great collection. All diverse, interesting and well written. I’m ready for volume 2.”
Rich K – USA

“The book starts out with a bang from writer Claire Elsdon. She beautifully describes the uneasy feeling of riding through northern Africa and the details of when “the unthinkable happens”. The rest of the authors tell equally honest and interesting stories, in their own style, and with their own unique language. Each chapter is easy to read and they all do a great job of drawing the reader into the world of motorcycle overlanding and travel. The final chapter, by Sam Manicom, makes for a great bookend to the other chapters, where he describes a motorcycle trip from England to Norway. I imagine this book will easily become a “must read” for anyone who yearns to travel the world and experience the diverse cultures and unique opportunities of motorcycle travel.
Travis G – USA

“A fantastic read. Very highly recommended.”
Mark C – UK

“Loving it.”
Keith B – UK

“Well done Sam, my bedtime reading most nights and great company on the road.”
Roy S – USA

“This collection of short pieces from experienced overland riders is brilliant. I knew some of the authors already but it’s introduced me to others – and I look forward to reading more of their work. There are stories from all over the globe, of the adventures and places and people you meet when travelling by motorcycle. The sense of freedom of overland travel is captured – but because there are 20 different perspectives, it’s perhaps broader than any single author’s book can be. It really shows that there’s no single way to have an adventure – they’re always different and they’re always magical. It’s an excellent collection of amusing and inspiring stories.”
Simon W – UK

“This is a wonderful compilation of stories from seasoned travelers. Each chapter captures an hour, a day, a week in the writer’s journey with such detail and eloquence that you are transported with them to another place and time. This book, buy it now. Buy extra copies for your friends and relatives who love international travel and even more so for those who are afraid to travel. The insights into other lands and cultures will open their eyes at a time when that is sorely needed.”
Steve A – USA




The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World