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The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World

“A wealth of motorcycle travel writing. Motorcycle travel books are usually the story of one person’s journey, but Sam Manicom’s latest is different, a collection of 20 travellers’ tales from around the world. Some of the writers are novices, some unknown and others are overland royalty. All have contributed highlights from travelling overland by bike. Each contribution is self-contained, the right length to read at one sitting over a cuppa. Highly recommended.”
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“‘Sam Manicom and friends’? That’s incredibly apt as the authors, who come from all over the world, are indeed Sam’s friends. It’s called ‘The Moment Collectors’ and is a lovely collection of short stories from those riders who have spent years on the road, and those who may be relatively new to the joys of overlanding, but who can tell a good tale. There are 20 contributors within 349 pages which gave me an opportunity to immediately discover some new writing talent. That’s undoubtedly the best part of any anthology; the fact that you can dip in and out, flicking to your author of choice to let them transport you to some far-off land. The Moment Collectors has introduced me to some totally new names. Throughout the book there are drawn illustrations by Simon Roberts, himself an overlander and author, which somehow add to the accessibility and comfort this book provides. This is a cracking collection.

“Many two-wheeler fans dream the winter months away by watching online films – there are hundreds of them – documenting other riders’ adventures in exotic locations. Better still is to read about them and conjure up your own – mental – images. Described as a ‘celebration of motorcycle overlanding’, The Moment Collectors gives 20 authors a platform to share their own recollections of great journeys, including the highs and lows, the challenges, and the outcomes. For those, perhaps, who feel inspired to collect their own moments on two wheels, the book ends with a surprising – but useful – section of adverts from approved companies specialising in adventure riding. This is followed by what is surely a challenge to all those armchair travellers: nothing less than a detailed, useful directory of links and contacts to put your own motorcycle trip together. A horizon-expanding book, remarkable encounters, fascinating, inspiring.”
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“The writing itself is as diverse as each traveler. Out of consideration, Sam allowed writers to tell their tales in their own voices, with minimal editing done only for grammar and spelling mistakes. As a result, there is a great mix of serious, humorous, and insightful words throughout. It takes a lot for me to laugh out loud while reading a book, and some of these writers nailed the comedy aspect. Some are self-deprecating about their naivety, some poetic in their descriptions of their whereabouts. Others are purely pragmatic or even grieving. Yet all are on two wheels exploring the world.”
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“Adventure motorcycle inspiration.”

“The Moment Collectors will have you smiling ear to ear as its wonderful story tellers pull you onto their saddles for a ride. The twenty tales of adventure bike travel from incredible people riding around the world are inspiring. They paint pictures of far-flung lands and what it’s really like riding through them, but most importantly, they show that you can do it too. And that’s why I love this book. It’s not a how-to guide but captures real moments of joy (and hardships) on the road, how much good there is in the world and will encourage you to get out there and collect your own moments.”

“The Moment Collectors is a collection of stories worthy of a place on your motorcycle bookshelf.”
Motorcycle Mojo

“The book successfully captures moments of euphoria. It’s less about the nuts and bolts of overseas motorcycle travel and more about living life to the full. Enduring the difficult times and relishing those ‘once in a lifetime moments’ found on the road.”
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“The reality of overland travel seen through the eyes of twenty different authors. I’m delighted by the authors’ individuality of style, travel and perspective. Another great strength in this book is that Sam Manicom has made sure that you have all the details you need to access more of your favourite’s stories.”

“A fresh collection of tales from the world’s roads with a wide variety of perspectives on what adventure motorcycling is all about.”

“It’s an outstanding read. Sam Manicom is the author of four tremendous travel books yet this time he’s pulled together a bunch of friends and fellow travellers for The Moment Collectors. Established authors and those new to the game have all shared their experiences whilst on the road whether near or far. The result is that this is a compelling tome that excites the reader, leading to a desire to hit the road and discover what is on offer, discover life. The Moment Collectors is an outstanding collection of works that has quite possibly set the standard for motorcycle travel books in 2022 and coupled with more than seventy sketches to accompany the stories, it leaves you wanting more. Sam, did you read that? We want more!”

“Riveting narratives that capture the essence of travel.”
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“I didn’t expect to be so captivated by this book. Having read more than the average number of tales of adventure motorcycling as an editor, I’m probably a bit jaded. But right from the start, The Moment Collectors drew me in and carried me along on a series of adventures with twenty world travelers whose mode of travel is a motorcycle and whose road is a long one. And their stories make for fascinating, inspiring, and often thought-provoking reading. The moments they are collecting and sharing with readers take place on five continents—Africa, Asia, Europe, South and North America—and give us a glimpse of places, people, and experiences we might never have imagined otherwise. Seventy illustrations (line drawings and black & white watercolor paintings) and twenty color photographs provide a visual break from the text as we roll through these travel adventures. As encouragement and inspiration, The Moment Collectors definitely succeeds. But it’s also excellent reading for anyone who enjoys tales of adventure and a volume I highly recommend.”
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“WARNING: this is not really a book about motorcycling. Always entertaining, sometimes shocking and often philosophical, The Moment Collectors is a highly readable anthology of tales about motorcycle life on the road, which just happens to feature motorbikes in a supporting role. Penned by some admirable individuals who pursue and embrace international motorcycle travel and all that it offers, this book will delight, inspire, amaze and amuse. This is engaging, exciting writing. Part of the magic of this book is that it combines so many different experiences and storytelling styles – an intoxicating mix for the reader.”

“Bringing the magic of long-distance motorcycling to life.”
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“What do you do if you’ve loads of friends all over the world who share your passion? If you’re Sam Manicom, the answer is obvious – get them to write a book. The result is The Moment Collectors, a great collection by adventure bikers. Like all bikers, the ones who wrote this book went through the same emotions – first fear at going, not helped by their friends who said things like: ‘Africa/Mexico/Colombia/Skegness is incredibly dangerous. You’ll be murdered on the first day.’ And then being overwhelmed by the incredible friendliness and generosity of everyone they met en route. Read it, have your heart warmed, and maybe inspired to head off down the road yourself. Do it, and you won’t regret it. Don’t, and you always will.
The Mirror

“If you’re anything like us, when you’re not actually traveling, you’re planning and dreaming about traveling. To fuel your inspiration, Sam Manicom has released a new book called the Moment Collectors – Twenty Travellers’ Tales from Around the World. It’s the sort of read that will stoke your wanderlust and have you packing your panniers to hit the road! As you pour through the pages, you’ll travel with the writers to the big sky plains of Mongolia, African Deserts, the far reaches of Alaska, breath-taking Andean backroads, and the rugged Trans-Labrador Highway. Anyone who is a travel nut is going to relate to the tales within The Moment Collectors. There are stories full of challenges. There are adventures full of surprises and discovery. And there are chapters full of ‘I didn’t know that’ moments and laughter.”
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“In these relentlessly stressful times some type of a break or escape is essential, if not required, in order to create balance. If that escape involves motorcycle travel, all the better. But for those days when the handlebar is out of reach, there’s Sam Manicom’s new book, The Moment Collectors, to take you to distant lands, where you’re invited to vicariously live some of the most powerful moments experienced by 20 overland motorcycle travelers. The adventures are described in short story format, each rich in detail and emblazoned with the travelers’ unique style. Much like traveling through different countries on motorcycles, the stories in this satisfying book each has a flavor and writing style all its own. Enjoying some stories more than others also mirrors travel. Your favorite stories may differ greatly from mine, but I guarantee there will be favorites. Plus, when you do land on an author who really speaks to you, Manicom has done the favor of including details on where to find more of their work at the end of their chapter. If you’re on the fence about hitting the road, prepare for a spurring. These stories had me chomping at the proverbial bit for an international ride.”

“Adventure rider and author Sam Manicom gathered a bunch of friends to pen 20 thrilling motorcycling tales, all collected in the freshly published The Moments Collector. This anthology takes you to exotic roads and locations all over the planet, from flat Mongolian plains to the mountainous backroads of the Andes, or from the scorching deserts of Africa to frigid Alaskan wilderness. Illustrated with 70 drawings and paintings and 20 color photos, the collected stories celebrate the diverse experiences of adventure riding and all the highs and lows that come with it. Open the book and travel the world with them.”

“If the original godfather of overland travel writing is Ted Simon, there’s no doubt that Michael Corleone is Sam Manicom whose epic eight year journey is told across his four books. But he contributes just a single chapter to this new publication – one piece in a collection of short stories from 20 round-the-world travellers.
There are stories here covering almost every imaginable corner of the globe, from a distinguished cast of writers including Geoff Hill, EmmaLucy Cole, Tiffany Coates, Tim and Marisa Notier and more. It’s pretty much a Who’s Who of overlanding. The stories are all different, but all celebrate the joy of exploring on two wheels.
The format makes it easy to dip in and out, mixing favourite writers with those you don’t know. It’s the perfect way to discover new authors – each chapter ends with more information about their travels, if you want to learn more. Available from Amazon or Sam Manicom’s site, it’s a must read.
Quality ***** Value*****”
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The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World