Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books by Sam Manicom

Wanting to do something completely different in life, Sam Manicom learned to ride a motorcycle and within three months had set off to ride the length of Africa. That one-year trip turned into an eight-year epic across six continents.

The travel bug bites hard, but motorcycle travel bites deep and doing a long trip by bike is the stuff of dreams. Writing books seemed like a great way to share the fun, the challenges and all the amazing things that happen to you out there.

When he’s not writing books, magazine articles or travelling, Sam gives presentations about adventure motorcycle travel to audiences around the UK, mainland Europe and the USA.

The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World

The Moment Collectors, twenty travellers’ tales from around the world, is out now and available to buy direct from Sam if you’re in the UK or via Amazon.

Overland: ‘This is a cracking collection of stories.’

Motorcycle Sport & Leisure: ‘A wealth of motorcycle travel writing.’

Traverse: ‘It’s an outstanding read.’

Evening Standard: ‘A horizon-expanding book, remarkable encounters, fascinating, inspiring.’






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