Distant Suns – Audio Book

Distant Suns Audio BookThe riveting story of Sam and Birgit’s three-year adventure through Southern Africa and South & Central America is now available as an Audio Book.

Sam Manicom’s dynamic third book transports you through three very different parts of the world. Sam is now travelling with a companion, Birgit, who you’ll have met during the course of his previous audiobook ‘Under Asian Skies’. In part, Distant Suns is the story of how boy meets girl, both endowed with a mile-wide streak of wanderlust, and both fiercely independent, but learning to live together on the road, and saving each other’s lives on occasion. Birgit catches your attention right away with her incredible initiative and capability with her bike. Yet she’d only been riding a bike for 600 miles when they arrived in Kenya at the beginning of this journey.

Sam and Birgit’s adventures are seldom without risk, but the attitude they have is hugely positive and that turns even the direst of times into a new and enthralling aspect of the road. When Paul Theroux wrote, ‘Take the leap. Go as far as you can. Try staying out of touch. Become a stranger in a strange land’, he could have been describing Distant Suns. Sam’s acute observations of the human behaviour, drama, passion, disaster, and the humour of three very different parts of the world may well surprise you.

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine ‘‘His descriptions are vivid and precise and he made me laugh – and press rewind so I could listen again. Manicom’s self-confessed magnetism for trouble results in great stories. There is truly never a dull moment for Manicom, or his listeners.’

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The Distant Suns audio book is recorded by Kite Studios and is available to buy from the following retailers. Simply click the logo of your choice to purchase and download your copy:

Media Reviews

Motorcycle Monthly ‘You can let can your imagination free and rely on the narration to paint the picture. With the author’s detailed descriptions of the scenery, people, and events that come and go throughout the trip it’s easy to paint the picture yourself. Manicom’s storytelling is compelling, and listening to the audiobook it’s easy to feel like you are with him on his extensive, interesting and simply epic travels.’

Motorcycle Explorer Magazine Sam delivers his travels in a personal way that connects you to his adventures as if you’re a long standing friend listening to him chat at the bar. The book flows beautifully and with such little effort required from the reader that you find yourself in the cliché ‘couldn’t put it down. He has now taken it further with the audio version and now you actually are sat at the bar listening to him. You see Sam took the time to narrate the book himself and the emotional clarity is evident as it only can be from someone so attached to what they are talking about.’

Overland Magazine ‘Drama, action, passion, disaster, and the buzz of overlanding are all here in Sam Manicom’s vibrant third audiobook. He has a gift to describe people and places.’

ADVMoto Magazine ‘There’s something special about hearing this story in the author’s own voice.’

Duro Rider Gazette ‘A beautiful escape and captivating journey. What makes this riveting, is how it grabs your attention and never lets go…it pulls you in, plucks your emotional strings and pulls on your non conformity. If there was ever a tonic to stir your aspirations and travelling dreams, then this audiobook does that…in spades.’

RiDE Magazine ‘Sam Manicom’s travel books have been popular for years now, and this is the third to get the audio-book treatment. Read by Manicom himself, I reckon they work because they allow the author’s personality to shine through.’

Riderzone.in ‘As always, it was a treat to see the world through his and Birgit’s eyes, and I wish them many more adventures in the future.’

Visor Down ‘Comparisons with Ted Simon’s seminal ‘Jupiter’s Travels’ are somewhat inevitable, but Manicom’s work does not suffer in the least by comparison to his illustrious forebear. He writes engagingly, and in the classic style of the travel writer, with a marked ability to draw out the salient features of a scene and place them center-stage. The deep red of the African earth glows under Manicom’s pen.’

Daily Record ‘Sam’s descriptive can make the mouth water, or the hairs on the back of the neck crawl.’

Trail Bike Magazine ‘Sam also describes cultural differences, traditions and lifestyles of the various countries they cross, whilst painting a vivid picture of the terrain they cross…’