Meet Sam At An Event

Sam Manicom speaking at a motorcycle dealer event in the USA

I really enjoy doing presentations because they allow me to share the fun, the surprises and the challenges of long-distance travel. The events and presentations also give me the chance to pass on hints and tips of the road, some of which have been gifted to me by other travellers, and others learnt by doing. I love the opportunity to meet up with other travel enthusiasts. Kindred spirits. I hope I have the chance to meet you at an event.

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Sam Manicom is one of the most engaging presenters you could wish to encounter.
The Overland Event

Sam had us hanging on with him when detailing desperate measures and laughing out loud with his observations and lighter moments.
Motorcycles Of Dulles

Sam captures his audience from the start with tales of adventure, jaw-dropping stories, MacGyver-like repairs from the side of the road, and a bond he forms with the locals.
BMW Motorcycles of Detroit


Sam Manicom speaking on the Adventure Stage at the London Motorcycle  Show (photo credit: Bernard Zieja)