Into Africa Audio Book

Into Africa the Audio BookThe highly rated story of Sam’s action packed year-long adventure through Africa is now available as an Audio Book.

Join Sam as he rides from Cairo to Cape Town; a year exploring the incredibly beautiful, surprising and challenging continent that is Africa. As a novice rider Sam had a lot to learn and this continent taught him well. Ride with him through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda … Unlike many audio books, all the adventures are here in this unabridged studio recording. You can escape to the road for 10 hours 41 minutes.

What did readers of the paperback think about Into Africa?

‘It’s not just the adventure Sam takes us on, but the way he tells it. His style is akin to sitting with a good friend and listening to his travel stories. I so enjoyed the way he described everything he could see, smell and hear in a neat, interesting way that really takes you there, before he whisks you off again.’

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Media Reviews:

MotorBike Rider Magazine‘On starting the book, the first chapter will captivate you into wondering what else could possibly happen, and then you are taken on an adventure, through Sam’s eyes but through your own minds eye too as you conjure up your own adventure pictures of the journey and what is happening along the way. This book took me on my own adventure through Africa without having to leave the comfort of my chair, and it’s not very often a book does that for me. Just need to get the next in the series and follow more great adventures of Sam Manicom……’

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure Magazine‘Rather than hire a voice-over merchant or an out of work actor, Sam narrates the whole thing himself, and very well it works too.’

CityBike Magazine – USA‘What’s better than reading about adventure travel? Listening to an audio book about adventure travel while you’re adventure traveling! And Sam Manicom’s audio books of Into Africa and Under Asian Skies make it possible!’

The Road Magazine‘Sam has a pretty good speaking voice which is easy on the ear… I’ve never tried listening to a book before, well not since bedtime stories… I tried multi-tasking by listening to the book while trying to work on this mag but it kept distracting me and I found I was writing nonsense. I guess that is as good a recommendation as can be imagined.’

MotoGusto Magazine‘The audio book is narrated by Sam himself in his own inimitable style and really conjures up the flavours, sounds and colours of Africa. The original book is a fascinating read, definitely one of the best biking adventure books and the audio book adds another dimension. Into Africa would make a superb gift for any biker who would like something different. Download it for yourself or as a gift and sit back, pour yourself a drink and transport yourself into sunny Africa…’

The Into Africa audio book is recorded by Kite Studios, distributed by Open Book Audio and is available to buy from the following retailers. Simply click the logo of your choice to purchase and download your copy:

Listener’s Feedback

This first feedback was recently posted on iTunes. Thank you AranG for taking the time to do this and for your thoughts. I’m delighted that you have enjoyed.

‘This audiobook was a delight! Sam has a beautiful quiet tone to his voice, that makes the entire book feel like an intimate story related to a best friend, rather than a tale shouted to the crowd. He gently tells you of the highs and lows of an amazing trip through Africa. His lack of ego and bravado made me feel that I might just be able to do what he did. He doesn’t set himself up as a hero, just a friend with a tale to tell. The tale itself is brilliant. The set-backs that befell Sam were truly catastrophic at times. However, rather than focusing on the negative disaster element, he explores the recovery element, and help provided by fellow man. Therefore each disaster ends up as an uplifting chapter rather than something to terrify. He met some of the best people in the world at these times. I went for the audio book rather than standard book as I rarely get the time to sit down uninterrupted to read. Most of my time seated is when I’m driving: this is the only time I get to myself! Sam kept me company for several long drives, and it felt like having the most interesting hitch-hiker ever in the passenger seat!’

‘If you haven’t enjoyed ‘Into Africa’ yet, please do so. It’s heartwarming and surprisingly human. I feel transported to the continent each time and can’t wait to make it a personal journey, one day(Very Soon!).’ Jim – USA

‘Hi Sam, just a quick note to say I loved your audio book!! Now get on and do the rest.’ Andy – UK

‘I enjoyed Sam’s mellow voice and could have listened to him for hours. I felt like I was able to experience his journey alongside him. There was a good mixture of real truths and lessons learned. I would love to hear more books by him. I listen to audiobooks constantly and I found him one of the best readers yet.’ Stephen – New Zealand

‘I’m loving your audio book. What makes it even better is the little bits of music and the fact you are telling your own story. Lots of other audio books are read by other people, don’t think it’s the same somehow.’ Mark – UK

‘That is Great News Audio Book, at last I can hear your book, as a Dyslexic I find a simple book takes from a month to 6 months to read.’ Selous – UK

‘Sam’s iPhone talking book Into Africa makes perfect listening whilst riding my GS 4000 km’s across Australia.’ David – on the road… somewhere in OZ.

‘That’s awesome! I think you’ve done an amazing thing there. Your voice is really really good for it.’ Dave – UK.

‘Fantastic! Well done Sam. This is great.’ Steve – UK

‘Great stuff… well done. I bet that was a challenge getting it right!’ Billy – Kenya

‘Just got your info mail on the audio book. What a great idea. Guess what my husband’s getting for Christmas!’ K – UK (kept anonymous so we don’t spoil the surprise!)

‘Good news Sam. Bought it, loved it.’ Keith – UK

‘Wondered if you would get to it. Very pleased you have. Just downloaded a copy.’ Rob – Australia

‘I’ve never listened to an audio book Sam but when your newsletter came through telling me about it I thought I’d have a go. I read your book and loved it so thought, why not? So glad I did. Quite wonderful. Any chance you can do the others too?’ Salli – USA

‘I bought your audiobook to listen too on my commute to work. I wasn’t disappointed. Sam you read it really well and your book is a great adventure story… I only wish I had a motorcycle and the guts to do it myself! I’ve already downloaded your second audio book to see what happens next.’ Charley – UK