Top tip for any ADV rider or Overlander

Truck Tyre Repair Patch
Truck Tyre Repair Patch
This is one of my tips from my ‘What Gear and Loading’ session at the Armchair Adventure Festival Bootcamp last weekend.

Top tip for any ADV rider or Overlander. Tubed tyres or tubeless.

Pack a couple of these truck repair patches in your gear. Perhaps not the biggest but next size down. Imaginative use has saved many

Slash an inner tube? Fix it. Slash a tyre – tubeless or tubed? Stitch it with cable ties. Glue one of these over the inside. Pop in that emergency inner tube you are carrying, and ride. Out of trouble at least!

The event was incredibly full of top tips from presenters and instructors. I didn’t manage to see all of the sessions because of clashes, but I’m glad to say, they are all available for viewing for the next 6 months.

If you didn’t manage to get yourself boked in for it, and didn’t know that you’d be able to do this, you can still buy access to all the sessions.

Here’s the link to access the sessions.

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