So few punctures over the 8 years?

Puncture in the Desert - Chile
Puncture in the Desert – Chile
Just 8 punctures in the 8 years of the trip. That was something I was pretty happy about. I think that much of that was down to having really good quality inner tubes, great tyres (and never running them thin) and regular checks. I’d often find things stuck in the tyres which could have caused problems further down the road.

The great tyres by the way were Avons. They were one of the few companies that we worked with with gear over the trip, and that connection came 4 years into the trip and after having been incredibly impressed with their tyres. The fact that they were prepared to work with the likes of us was amazing.

This pic is from Chile and actually quite low altitude. It was desert country as you can see, but quite cold at the time. Even with the work of tyre changing it was a ‘layers all on’ kind of temperature.

The type of rim Libby has never made changing a tyre that easy but once the tyre was on, it stayed there, even when I reduced pressure in sand and mud.
That centre stand was a gem to have.

South African friends will probably recognise my South African Army surplus trousers. Tough cotton with double layers at key points. Loads of pockets. Knee and shin guards underneath.

The full story of this and so much more is in Distant Suns.

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