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I had to smile when I saw the intro to the 15 page Adventure Special that MCN have just published. But in a way they are right…

adventurers‘They might look like a folk band but they have two-and-a-half-million miles (that’s 100 times around the world), over 240 years and 767 countries between them. They are the experts of Adventure motorcycling and MCN sat down with them in a pub in London to find out just what makes them tick.’

This video was made from footage taken when many of the contributors met in London just over a week ago. For all of us, this was a rare occasion – the chance to sit down and chat for a change. Usually when we see each other we are on the road or at a show when there are so many things to do that more than a smile, handshake or hug and a “How are you? What plans are you working on?” just doesn’t happen. You can imagine the conversation that flowed in the pub in London. Lets put it this way, there was lots of enthusiastic laughter and lots of travel.

And the supplement itself, I think all of us are really pleased to have been invited to share some knowledge and lots of the fun of the road.

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