It’s NOT a Holiday! Book Review

It’s NOT a Holiday! – The A-Z Guide to Group Travel
by Andy N Robinson and Kirsty McGregor.

It's NOT a Holiday! I’ve known Andy and Kirsty for a few years now and when I heard they had a new book out, I had to get hold of a copy. Those of you who know me are much aware that group travel is not really my bag but travel is travel and these two have huge experience from both driving and leading tours. I wanted to know more.

The only real connection I’ve had with Overlanding trucks is from meeting them at various off the beaten track places around the world. For me the travellers on the trucks have offered an amazing people watching opportunity and I often wondered what it would be like to travel on one. What are the advantages and disadvantages? One advantage for Birgit and me was that the trucks acted as excellent on-the-road libraries!

What is it really like to be on a truck for a long and rugged journey? Do particular characters show themselves? Is the journey going to be a ball of never-ending fun? What are the lives of a driver and a tour leader like? And could anyone contemplating an Overlanding Truck journey learn tips to help make their adventure a far finer thing? In fact, could people planning a long distance journey in a group, however they plan to travel, learn from this book?

This book answers all of those points and more in 250 ways. I found it thoroughly entertaining and there were moments where the humour had me chuckling out loud. Andy and Kirsty are honest, amazingly blunt at times and they pass on their unique knowledge in a very readable way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think that if you are planning or have been on a trip like this, you’ll find it fascinating.

It’s NOT a Holiday!
ISBN: 9781909651050

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