How tight can you be?

“How do you manage to travel for so long? I mean, surely you must run out of money.” I’m often asked this and its a really valid question.

To keep it simple, save like mad before you go, don’t buy anything you don’t really need during this period, and then on the road, stay in the cheap places or wild camp. Eat what’s on special offer and eat the local food.

Making fuel money
Making fuel money
But you can also earn bits of money along the way. Keep your eye open for opportunities.

This daft photo (with me not even knowing how to spell Alaska!) was one of the ways we earned money along the way. We bought the makings of the pendants and so on in African countries, in countries in South America and in Mexico. Posted them to the USA and then had a 2 weeks session making ‘stuff’. From that time on. where ever there was an opportunity to set up stall…

Not only did we earn all our gas money but we had a great time chatting with people who stopped to take a look. What a great way to learn about a country!

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