Fear. Important or dangerous when an adventure is in the offing?

The crest of the hill
The crest of the hill
‘Do you ever feel afraid?’

‘Do you like the buzz of fear that comes when you start a new and challenging adventure?’

‘Is this sensation one of the key reasons you enjoy setting out?

I was asked these questions in an interview about riding a motorcycle the length of Africa.

I’d never asked myself the questions before; so I allowed instinct to do the answering for me.

Yes I’d been afraid, but with the Africa ride I was too busy to be so for long! Yes I do. And yes it is.

Fear is one of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that is an adventure. I like the doubt that fear causes. It makes me think, question and learn. It’s exciting. It means that as all the dreams and plans come alive, with the unknown spreading before me, they are doing so with sharp-edged full-colour clarity.

That stretching of myself has to be part of anything that I feel comfortable calling an ‘adventure’. Risk is important, but calculated risk with a strong streak of the unknown are a fantastic combination.

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