Another fantastic Review of The Moment Collectors.

Bike Rider NZ Review

This review is from New Zealand’ premier motorcycle magazine ‘Bike Rider.’ So many key points are commented upon I’m going to paste the full review across. The review is written by George Lockyer.

‘Sam Manicon set off on his eight year (it was supposed to be just one) round the world trip, after having learned to ride a motorcycle only three months before. Since then, he has penned four excellent travel books, available online. He is now lucky enough to work full time in the world of adventure and overland travel. He has a huge online following, writing articles and conducting multimedia travel presentations.  You can follow him on:

In this book Sam has collected tales from the road from 20 motorcycle adventurers. With a forward by Lois Pryce (Lois on the Loose 2007, Red Tape and White Knuckles 2009, Revolutionary Ride 2017), this anthology of adventures really is a magic armchair travelling treat. Most contributors are experienced riders and authors like Geoff Hill and globe trotting couple Brian Rix and Shirley Hardy-Rix, while a couple of stories are from riders new to globe-trotting on two wheels and who are learning on the job as it were. All of them share a personal high point in their journey and life. Each of the 20 chapters share with the reader an inspirational moment or incident that one could only experience by being out there in all weathers, eating bugs and being put to the test.

Great, lifelike illustrations by Simon Roberts, along with some superb colour photos in the middle, make this book just a little different. Stories are told from all parts of the globe, from Alaska to Kyrgyzstan and from Patagonia to Mongolia. Each chapter contains a small, “About the Author” segment as well as a simple world map with the area of interest shaded. At the back of this book you’ll find, a few pages of advertisements, but not the annoying kind. If you’ve read the book this far then they should be of interest, and possibly quite helpful. This is followed by a Helpful Hints and Contacts section; a list of some of the clubs, podcasts, books, websites, and other organisations that could be of use if you’re planning your own long-distance bike trip.

The 20 stories sum up the frustrations, challenges and dramas and ultimately the sheer joy of life on the road. As Sam Manicom says, “when a person travels, they discover who they really are and how incredible this world of ours is.” Or, as Lisa Morris simply and eloquently puts it in Chapter 6, “Learn, evolve and be open to life.”

Between its covers, we learn that the world isn’t full of terrorists about to decapitate you and that most humans – especially away from the cities, are basically good people, happy to lend a helping hand. The book I think, successfully captures moments of euphoria. It’s less about the nuts and bolts of overseas motorcycle travel and more about living life to the full. Enduring the difficult times and relishing those ‘once in a lifetime moments’ found on the road.  Graham Field sums it up best when in Chapter 8 when he says, “Interaction happens when you put your phone down. Stories are what you experience first-hand. Ride in the real world. I’ll see you on the road.”

Warning though! If you have itchy feet, this book could be a timely reminder that borders will be open again soon and may only make your feet itchier!’

You can buy a copy direct from us, or your local Bookshop, or with free worldwide delivery via The Book Depository or via Amazon as both a paperback and a Kindle. It’s also available as a Nook embook from Barnes and Noble.

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