A Christmas Special – just until December 6th…

We thought we’d do something rather different this year. Yes, that wonderful time of year, Christmas, is almost back with us. I personally love the buzz, the choosing presents for friends and family, the get-togethers, all the colours and yes, the weather. Of course I much prefer it to be either fresh snow on the ground or those wonderful days where the skies are blue, there’s frost on the ground and the sun is out.

Buying presents is always a bit of a challenge and this time of year can be expensive can’t it, so we have schemed a plan which will help you solve the ‘what to give’ issue, and help you keep control of your budget.

How about this? A Christmas Collection.

The set of my 4 books:
*Tastefully Christmas wrapped, so ready to give.
*Each book signed by both Birgit and I – there aren’t many out there that are signed by both of us.
*When you have placed your order, get in touch on this page and we will dedicate them to whoever you like.
*To help with the budget, the set will be £6 off until December 6th.

And even better…
Free postage within the UK and just £7.50 for the rest of the world! Of course addresses in the likes of Antarctica will be rather more expensive than that!

Just click on this link and you’ll be right there! And before I go, I hope that wherever you’ll be this Christmas and whatever you have planned, you have a fantastic time.

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