World Kidney Day March 10th 2022

World Kidney Day

It was #worldkidneyday yesterday. Many of you know that I wonderfully live on #GiftedTime I’m hugely lucky!

But over Covid in the UK there’s been a dramatic decrease of donations. Down 32%.

There are now over 4,600 people in the UK who are surviving, for now, on dialysis while they live in hope. Many won’t make it.

I was invited to do a recording for BBC Radio Devon and to film a clip with BBC Spotlight to tell a bit of my story.

I was absolutely blown away at the chance to hopefully encourage more people to sign up.

Please sign the Donor Register & make sure your family know. Leave someone the gift of life!

Or, be a Living Donor. Give someone the gift of life. I know several incredible people who, knowing that we only need one kidney to lead a fantastic quality of life, have donated one of their kidneys.

I have total respect for them. Even more so knowing the phenomenal value of their gift.

My kidney donor took me from a daily life of exhaustion and inability to think straight from a body that was being poisoned, to leading a life with all cylinders firing.

People often don’t think of this but it was also my partner and our families lives who were dramatically improved too.

Go on. Please do it. Register as an Organ Donor, and please make sure your family know exactly what you want. Even though you are a part of the Opt Out scheme in the UK, they can still opt you out at the vital moment if they don’t know your wishes

The guys in the photo? That’s Paul the cameraperson and John Ayres the interviewer. Good blokes and both passionate about helping to get the word out!

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