When Adventure Rider Radio talks Collecting Moments

In January, Adventure Rider Radio the world’s most listened to motorcycle podcast, asked if they could chat with some of the contributing authors from my new book and me about what makes us tick and what The Moment Collectors is about.

Excellent. An honour, and what a great way to share the news of the book launch scheduled for February 19th.

Jim Martin, the show’s host, introduced the episode with these thoughts.

It seems lately we are inundated with pessimism and yet there are still countless inspirational stories being told around the world. Many of these stories come from travellers whose experiences on the road have made a huge difference in their lives. And sometimes there comes that one single defining moment, like a lightening bolt, when they realize why they’re doing what they’re doing. It’s often called an ‘aha moment’, that moment when they suddenly recognize the value that something or someone has put in to their life. These moments are usually emotional and impactful, and will always be remembered.

Sam Manicom, adventurer and author of four popular motorcycle travel books, has put together a collage of twenty authors who each share one of the most significant moments in their travels and he calls it ‘The Moment Collectors’.

A 'gem' moment from Travis and Chantil Gill
A ‘gem’ moment from Travis and Chantil Gill

Jim asked the following adventure riders, or would it be better put ‘motorcycle explorers who are completely addicted to the joy and the challenges of being on the long road‘ to join us. Spencer Conway, Tim and Marissa Notier, and Travis and Chantil Gill.

I thoroughly enjoyed the show and learnt a stack of fascinating points about the guys. Love their passion for travel, their books and their blogs. I’m hugely grateful to them for sharing some of their pure joy moments from the road with us in The Moment Collectors.


Spencer Conway
Spencer Conway and Cathy Nel have spent the last couple of years travelling by motorcycle around Central America. Spencer is the author of The Japanese-Speaking Curtain Maker and is featured in the TV series African Motorcycle Diaries, a film about circumnavigating Africa.

Tim And Marisa Notier
Tim and Marisa have been exploring the world 2-up on a KTM 1190 motorcycle. They’ve travelled through North and South America, and most recently spent time travelling and living in Africa. Tim is the author of three books, Maiden Voyage and 2Up and Overloaded and Blood, Sweat and Notiers. Marisa is the author of Road Guide Through Peru.

Travis And Chantil Gill
For the past two years, Travis and Chantil Gill have been having some incredible motorcycle adventures in Europe, despite the pandemic. They’ve been producing some youtube videos to share their adventures as well as a calendar showcasing some photography from their travels.

Sam Manicom
In the early 1990’s, Sam Manicom travelled the world by motorcycle for eight years visiting 55 countries. He wrote four books that describe his epic journey, Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns and Tortillas to Totems. Since his last trip, he’s been heavily involved in the motorcycle adventure industry and spent many years helping organize the UK Horizons Unlimited meets, writing magazine articles and doing travel presentations in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. He’s also been a co-host for six years running on our ARR RAW show and has been interviewed on Adventure Rider Radio, the BBC and other broadcasts.


The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World
The Moment Collectors
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