It was time for Birgit’s bike to learn to fly

Flying Henry
Flying Henry
Birgit and I decided that it was time for her bike to learn to fly.

A 1971 BMW R60/5, it’d already a lifetime of miles under its wheels, and then it’d been ridden for a year through Africa. It would be a great new experience for it. 😊

The occasion? Boarding the ship in Cape Town to head for South America.

There was a slight glitch. There often is one isn’t there. At the last minute her bike wouldn’t start!!! Dead! Obviously an electrical problem. With just a couple of hours to go, life suddenly got tense…

Yet again the kindness of locals kicked in. One person arrived with his truck so at least we could get her bike to the docks.

The other headed to the BMW dealership to get the spare part we thought we needed. The flying lesson was the easy bit.

Unable to get at her bike during the passage, we didn’t realise that the part didn’t solve the problem until we got dockside in Buenos Aires! A new adventure began…

You can find out more in my third book Distant Suns.

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