Tortillas To Totems Audio Book – Foreword

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The vastness and huge diversity of North America is in front of us; we are about to ride into lands that are completely different. Birgit and I are both excited about the exploring to be done, and a little daunted. For the past 6 years we’ve been riding through countries of the developing world but now, perhaps we were about to experience culture shock in reverse.

‘Have you ever thought about what a ‘culture shock’ actually is? The Oxford English dictionary says, ‘Culture Shock. A disorientation felt by a person subjected to an unfamiliar way of life.’ I understood this, didn’t I? After all, wasn’t this part of the main reason for going travelling on a motorcycle? To experience as many different things and ways of life as possible? To have preconceived ideas challenged? I was happy with these thoughts, but there was something important that I’d not taken into account…’