Tortillas To Totems Audio Book – Chapter 9 Sample

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Wild Horses in the Sunset

The wonder of exploring the USA is well and truly upon us. Death Valley has more than lived up to its reputation, as has the traffic of LA! Wild camping as we go we are constantly amazed by the freedom of the road, and how many special places there are to be found just off that ‘road’.

‘We’d just stopped to fill up with fuel and were wondering how the day was going to end, when a man in a work-worn, dull brown pick-up pulled up alongside us. He wore a battered beige cowboy hat above a pair of twinkling blue eyes, a close-clipped moustache and a flash of healthy white teeth. “Where are you guys going t’day?” he questioned. Normally I would be instinctively evasive when asked this question by a complete stranger at this stage of a day’s ride, but this guy had something genuine about him…’