Tortillas To Totems Audio Book – Chapter 10 Sample

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Dinosaurs and Ghost Towns

The Rocky Mountains behind us and heading for the West Coast, Birgit and I are delighted by the fantastic mix of roads the USA was offering us to ride. Freeways (if we had to for some reason), the many main roads that wound their way through small villages and towns; each with their own unique histories, and the dirt tracks that vein the US.

‘We slipped off the main road to explore at just about every opportunity. Elk and deer seemed to roam quite freely and though they were quite skittish, they were happy for us to watch them from a distance. I loved each opportunity to take the bike onto the dirt tracks and I loved the mind-teases the gravel and sand played with me. I liked the fact that there was no way I could ride on ‘autopilot’ and my thoughts could only be on what the track was going to try to make Libby do next. I got a real buzz when something unexpected happened and I had to react without thinking…’