Surprising? Adventure Rider Radio ask the questions

Adventure Rider Radio

Anything Goes? Well, these two well and truly went! I was contacted by Jim Martin from the Canadian on line radio station Adventure Rider Radio. Would I be willing to be interviewed? ‘If we are going to be talking travel,’ said I, ‘then absolutely.

We had a good yarn too and in the end Jim contacted me to say, ‘I’d like to use the full interview. No editing. It’ll be coming out in two parts!’

May I suggest you make a cuppa before settling back to listen – Jim Martin asks some great questions.

Part 1 begins with Grant Johnson from Horizons Unlimited. He’s talking about a motorcycling pet of his. How to make your motorcycle as comfortable to ride as possible. That, as you’ll find out has a lot to do with how the parts of your motorcycle are configured to your body shape. Interesting, and very doable.
Then part 1 with me rolls out. We are talking books, tales of the road and motorcycles.

Adventure Rider Radio
Adventure Rider Radio
And the link for part 2: That’s here, and you find us talking bikes, hints and tips for setting yours up to travel, and well, much more.

I hope you enjoy your tea!

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