Slash proof!

One of my favourite bits of travel kit is my leather belt pouch. My original one was US Army surplus. Why do I like it so much? Strapped to my belt just about everywhere I go, I can carry all the key things that I would hate to lose. Being thick leather it’s slash proof, and ripping it off my belt? Very hard.

No carrying a bag that can be snatched. No putting a bag down that can be grabbed, or forgotten in haste (yes it can happen).

You can see from the shot what sorts of things I carry. I also carry my journal in it so I’ve always got it to hand for making notes.

When it’s cold and wet the pouch is under my jacket. No worries. When it’s hot and I’m in shorts, a T and flops, no worries, it’s on my belt. In crowds, no worries I just rest my arm on it.

I’m posting this now, not only to share the thought, but as a “Thank you” to Nigel Page. Birgit also had one and loved it. Eventually it wore out and Nigel has just made her a new one. The thing is brilliant. If anyone else is sparked by the idea I know that Nigel is up for making more. I think quite a few of you in the UK will know Nigel from ABR and the BMW Club Southern section.

Tel: 01730 813304 Fax: 01730 815985

If you like the idea, please share this post would you.

PS Of course I carry copies and duplicates elsewhere in my luggage. I also carry a small ‘walk around’ wallet in my pocket, with a small amount of local cash and an expired or cancelled credit card for thieves (or less scrupulous types)to nab in case I’m unlucky.

Leather Pouch
Leather Pouch
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