RAW? Decidedly so! Unscripted and upfront!

You may have heard some of the interviews I’ve done with Jim Martin from Adventure Rider Radio. I really like this show and Jim’s interviewing style makes being on the show a real pleasure.

If you’ve not connected to the show before just click on this link and enjoy exploring. I promise you will. What will you find? Podcast interviews with all sorts of people from just about every aspect of adventure riding. The depth of knowledge the interviewees impart is quite spectacular.

But there’s something new on the scene and it’s called Adventure Rider Radio RAW. Myself, Graham Field (Overlander and author), Grant Johnson (Overlander and founder member of Horizons Unlimited) and Brian Rix (Overlander and author) plus Shirley Hardy-Rix (Overlander, author, publisher) join Jim Martin for a literally round the world chat about all sorts of overlanding topics.

The first show has just been released and you can listen in on this Adventure Rider Radio RAW link. The show is going to be happening every month, with a wide range of topics being discussed. As you’ll hear in this show, each of the ‘panel’ are very different people who have made very different long distance trips. That means the knowledge range is huge, opinions are strong and the senses of humour will get you laughing along too.

May I suggest that you arm yourself with a cuppa or a cold beer before you settle down to listen – or at least find where the pause button is! You could well be in another world for a couple of hours!

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