Presenting at the Online Armchair Adventure Festival Bootcamp

True no? Planning a big motorcycle trip starts with the dream, arranging the time & the cash. And then the gear juggle starts. What do you really need?

When I started my 8 year round the world trip I had common sense, but didn’t have a clue!

Looking For Freedom
Looking For Freedom
The Adventure Armchair Festival ‘Bootcamp’ starts online on Friday February 26th.

If you are a novice dreaming and planning, then this is for you. If you are more experienced, I still think that the many sessions will have learning opportunities for you.

Me? I’m going to be sharing an hour & a half of gear and packing clues! In my session ‘Looking for Freedom’ I’m going to cut through the BS with straight talking & top tips. This’ll be rounded off with a Q&A session.

I’ll be talking about luggage & loading, & about building your survival kit. That is what your gear selection is all about; that & being the tools to adventure of course. My aim is to save you money. Keep you safer, & increase your chance of having a phenomenal adventure. Bold ambition? Join me.

The Bootcamp weekend will be a weekend of fascination with some significantly knowledgeable presenters. It’s on line & just £45! Huge value!

Join Nathan Millward, Simon & Lisa Thomas, Steph Jeavons, Tiffany Coates, Austin Vince, Sarah Outen, Jonathan & Rosann Hanson, Kinga Tanajewska, Candida Louis, Karl Bushby, Dan Grec, Jamie Ramsay, Richard Pyshorn & of course our hosts the Sidecar Guys, Matt & Reece! It’ll be a weekend of knowledge.

Use this LINK to book in.

PS Put my MANICOM in when you book and get 10% off 👍👍

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