Now to post something with a huge smile.

Wilts & Bath Advanced Motorcyclists Presentation Evening
Wilts & Bath Advanced Motorcyclists Presentation Evening
Now to post something with a huge smile. Last night I was presenting at the Wilts & Bath Advanced Motorcyclists. We were at a pub in a small town called Sutton Benger (Note to self – must look up to see how the place got a name like that!)

It was a blustery wet night and I feared that most people wouldn’t make it. Roads and bridges were being closed, accidents were happening, trees were falling and so it went…

What a nice surprise I had! A really good size audience and it was made up of , Facebook friends, people I’d met at the Calne Bike Meet, from Horizons Unlimited, from UKGSers, and the people from the Advanced Motorcyclists who as always is with AM people were a varied and very friendly bunch. Tremendous hospitality. I found myself wishing that I wasn’t presenting so that I could sit and natter with them!

I have to admit to being nervous! I wasn’t even sure if I was going to survive the night. Yesterday was the first full day I’d been off a sickbed! Stuffed for a week so I was! All smiles now though and yep, made it through the evening. This great bunch of people really helped! Super atmosphere, and loads of questions at the end. Terrific!

Thanks for coming everyone. Loved the chance to link up! Cheers

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