MotoGusto Magazine review ‘The Moment Collectors’

After two years of lock downs, travel restrictions and closed borders many yearn to break free. Sam Manicom’s brilliant concept for The Moment Collectors turns these dreams into reality. The reality of overland travel seen through the eyes of twenty different authors.

Being constructed as a series of short stories the book offers a variety of perspectives in both the trips undertaken and the individual styles of the writers. Some of the author’s names may be familiar such as Simon and Lisa Thomas, who’ve been traveling the world on two wheels for 16 years now, covering more than 500,000 miles on six continents and some, like EmmaLucy Cole, who may be less familiar.

This is one of the primary attractions of this book as it introduces the reader to a written trail that may have been less travelled so far. Adventures are described in short story format, each rich in detail and emblazoned with the travellers’ unique style. There are laughs a plenty from the likes of Spencer James Conway and Geoff Hill-
‘’By nightfall, we were in Chihuahua, home of dogs so ugly they are best suited as guide dogs for the blind.’’

Graham Field also showcases his hilariously dry sense of humour with an excerpt from ‘’Finding the Rhythm of the Road’’. With this breadth of content you may find you enjoy some tales more than others. As with travel itself we all have personal preferences in what we want. Another great strength in this book is that Sam Manicom has made sure that you have all the details you need to access more of your favourites stories.

Sam Manicom’s own unquestionable credentials include an eight-year, 200,000 mile, motorcycle adventure across 55 countries around the world and, are chronicled in four books Into Africa, Under Asian Skies, Distant Suns and Tortillas to Totems.

The Moment Collectors is available through Amazon in paperback or kindle versions, or directly from: Sam-Manicom.

At Motogusto we will be featuring a fuller review in September but (spoiler alert) don’t be surprised to find it wins an unequivocal Moto Merit.

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