Interview with Endeavour

Endeavour 360 contacted me a few days ago with a series of questions about travel, the world of travel and could I offer any hints and tips. Too right I can. After all, the point of writing my books and articles is to share the fun and the drama of the road, whilst weaving in history, culture, geography, and lots about people. Actually, anything that collects together to give a reader a full taste of that road. This link will scoot you straight across to Endeavour 360’s interview.


Who are Endeavour 360? Let me quote them and then have a look at the link for more information. I’ve no doubt that as you are reading this, you’ll want to keep in touch with them.

‘Endeavour 360 is an archive of news and inspiration from the world of adventure travel.

Curated by Iain Harper, Endeavour 360 celebrates thought-provoking journeys, challenging expeditions and the explorers who venture into their personal terra incognita to make them.

At its very best, adventure travel has the power to broaden understanding, change cultural perceptions and demonstrate humanity’s capacity for achieving the extraordinary. To fulfil that potential and inspire others, stories of adventure need to be shared. Endeavour 360 is a modest contribution to that effort.’

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