If you missed this one…

The HUBB UK Overlanding Event

The HUBB UK 2013 Round the World Big Send OffI’ve been meaning to do a write up on the HUBB UK 2013 Overland Travel event from Horizons Unlimited ever since the event finished in May but has there been a chance to do it? No!

Then I came across this write up from author Paddy Tyson in The Riders Digest (TRD) online magazine. Both have very kindly allowed me to post the link to the full report.

What does Paddy think? ‘It’s a great weekend and if you are even a little curious about setting off to undiscovered lands, you’ve got to make it a date for next year because this is the place for every question you ever had about Overlanding but were afraid to ask.’ But click that TRD link for the 2013 gen in depth!

And click on this link to watch the Youtube review. Decidedly worth a moment of your time! See you there next year perhaps. This link to the HUBB UK 2014 is the place to go!

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