Have you ever sat down and thought about the meaning of life?

Perhaps it’s something like this.

Life is a world full of opportunities that have been recognised. A dirt road across a magnificent landscape that’s full of drama, delight and challenges. Along the way there will be loose gravel, soft sand, boulders and fallen trees, steep drop offs, and river crossings.

Life is learning the fun that comes from anticipating and planning for the things that could happen. It’s the moments of challenge that tell us who we really are. It’s the growth of perspective.

It’s the kindness of others when we drop our bikes and a helping hand is there. It’s being able to be that helping hand.

It’s the smiles, laughter and sense of achievement when we make it through each challenge. It’s the stunning views and the discovery of things along the way that we had no idea existed.

It’s the moments we take out to stop and really value what we are surrounded by. Each day should be full of moments – not the blur of the chase to the next goal.

Life? What does it mean?
It means waking up to each day knowing that not everything is going to run smoothly, but being focussed on all the wonderful opportunities that will be woven between the threads of each new day.

What gives meaning to life?
Fear little, but respect everything and everyone. Be kind. Appreciate every moment of joy.

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