Free copy of Distant Suns on Audible?

I smiled this morning. Amazon offered me a free listen to Distant Suns. A good deal actually, but I think I know the story.

I was prompted to see what listeners thought. I am hugely grateful to those kind people who take some time to post a star rating and even comment on my books. “Thank you!”

This one just made me smile, a lot. He or she started with…‘One of the best adventures on Audible’

*Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

I would, and do, recommend Sam Manicom’s books to my friends. His book “Under Asian Skies” is my favorite but all of his books are incredible.

He takes you to the destinations, he doesn’t just tell you about them. Many books in the genre are about covering miles or written only with a motorcyclist in mind, his books are for the traveler regardless of mode of transport. Its about having experiences, making connections, and forming memories that will last a lifetime. He weaves a great tale that will keep even armchair travelers enthralled yet also includes valuable info for those that may really attempt a similar journey (via bus/car/bike/motorcycle).

*What other book might you compare Distant Suns to and why?

I grew up reading Jack Kerouac and Hemingway and there is a bit of that sense of adventure and experience in Mr Manicom’s writing.

*What about Sam Manicom’s performance did you like?

The English accent is pleasing to American ears but the recording is also of a very high quality. No pops, hiccups, or irregularities. Since it is his own work, and he is passionate about it, you feel a great energy in the narration.

*Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

It’s his first book traveling full time with his partner Birgit. I think having her along added a lot to the dynamic. I am a long time fan of his books and saw him go places and experience things he wouldn’t have done had he ridden alone. It reminded me how much my wife ads to my life.

He also challenges our preconceived notions about a country or even a continent. A great number of people judge a country by a few random news articles or stereotypes. While he occasionally experiences troubles, the vast majority of people he meets are warm, welcoming, and helpful (even in “war torn” countries and those with “drug lords”).

*Any additional comments?

His books, all of them, are perhaps the best in the genre. Sam isn’t a guy checking off countries and borders, he is a man living a full and rich life. He reminds us all to slow down and experience the places, people, food, and sights. If you have a Audible credit BUY THIS BOOK.

“Whoever you are, thank you!!!” 👍👍👍

In case you might like to try one or two of my books for free, here’s the link.

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