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Traverse Magazine Review

In issue 28 of TRAVERSE magazine, the team very kindly reviewed ‘The Moment Collectors‘ and frankly we are all delighted by their thoughts.

‘Sam Manicom is the author of four tremendous travel books yet this time he’s pulled together a bunch of friends and fellow travellers for The Moment Collectors.

Established authors and those new to the game have all shared their experiences whilst on the road whether near or far. The result is that The Moment Collectors is a compelling tome that excites the reader, leading to a desire to hit the road and discover what is on offer, discover life.

The twenty stories within The Moment Collectors are diverse, varying from the local to the exotic and yet a common theme runs throughout. The Moment Collectors is a lesson in living and exploring life, never to pre-judge and let your experiences determine the outcome to your next adventure.

Many of the twenty adventurers within The Moment Collectors contribute to Traverse, we thought we knew what we were in for, the great surprise, we had no idea.

The Moment Collectors is an outstanding collection of works that has quite possibly set the standard for motorcycle travel books in 2022 and coupled with more than seventy sketches to accompany the stories, it leaves you wanting more. Sam, did you read that? We want more! The Moment Collectors by Sam Manicom and friends, a book that must be read.’

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