The HUBB UK Overlanding Event

If you missed this one…

The HUBB UK? ‘It’s a great weekend and if you are even a little curious about setting off to undiscovered lands, you’ve got to make it a date for next year because this is the place for every question you ever had about Overlanding but were afraid to ask.’

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Motorrad Abenteuer Magazine Cover psr

The Storyteller

Motorrad Abenteuer, the famous German overlanding magazine, has just published this interview with me on the books, and the journey. I met journalist and photographer Andreas Hulsmann when I was doing a presentation at the Touratech Adventure Travel weekend earlier in 2012. We sat to chat in a not so quiet corner on a sunny […]

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On Air

On Air – In more ways than one.

Heard of Biker FM? I hadn’t until a year ago when a friend mentioned them to me. By that time I’d been involved with the Side Stand Up show in the USA so was interested to hear that an online radio show for motorcyclists was available in the UK. One of the presenters concentrates on […]

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Sam's 084 3.30mb

Where has the time gone?

What a crazy couple of months these last two have been – loads going on and all of it good. April was packed with presentations around the UK and full on work on two new projects. And I can tell you about one of those right now…

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A Question of Ethanol

There’s lots of conversation going on about the plans to include Ethanol in fuel in the UK, and what the effects of that are on bikes, particularly older models. There are quite a few myths and legends floating around about the subject…

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Lois Pryce - Adventurer, author and much more

An opportunity!

Ha! Well, I did say anything goes didn’t I? This is something completely different and there’s so much I have to tell you, as I’m tapping out these words I’m wondering where to begin and end! Let’s start with Lois. Lois Pryce I mean. I wonder how many motorcyclists haven’t heard of Lois, her two […]

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