Distant Suns – Reader Feedback

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I’m about halfway through Distant Suns, and I’m loving every page. Wonderful writer telling excellent travel stories!
Steve – USA

Good stuff! Almost like being there together with you Sam
Bjorn – Denmark

Thanks for book 3, they are bloody good fun to read =o) And thanks again, everyday for 30 minutes of my lunch break, I’m transported from my dusty old workshop, to somewhere much, much better!
James – England

Hi Sam
Just finished Distant Suns while travelling 21,000kms around Australia. A great read. The journey was inspired by ‘Asian Skies’. Thanks so much for the inspiration, wonderful writing and for sharing your adventure in such a way that it created what became the most wonderful time of my life.
Steve – Australia

Hi Sam
Just finished reading Distant Suns. A really enjoyable read. …The descriptive passages serve to bring the experience alive for the reader…I would definitely consider it one of the best motorcycle travel books I have read. The key test is, would the reader bother to read the book again and the answer is definitely yes with all three of your books.
Scott – Scotland

Distant Suns. Fantastic read. There was no spin, no bullshit, no politik, no hidden publisher agenda, just you and your lady, indestructible BMers and a shit load of miles. So so well written. I have read so many of these travelogues, but the beauty is in the small things, and you captured them all.
Mark – UK

…arriving home at about 11pm. I then started to read DS…… I think I dropped off in my chair at about 4am. Really Sam, all were wide awake for your talk and the only complaint is that Distant Suns riveted my eyelids open long past their closing time. Sir, you write an excellent read.
Mike – UK

Hi Sam,
Love this book. I think it’s the best of the three and it’s even better reading from a woman’s point of view. It’s great to read about a girl on the road. You left me wanting more! What happened next?!
Thank you,
Nikki – UK

Just finished it, a great read, thanks.
Steve – UK

Hi Sam,
Just finished reading your ‘Distant Suns’ and enjoyed it immensely. I hope you are going to write up your trip through the USA and particularly Alaska. Happy to purchase your next volume.
Paul – UK

Read the Book, great story. When is the next installment??
Nick – Australia

I’ve read all 3 of Sam’s books, and really enjoyed them. I enjoyed the Long Way Up/Down/Sideways stuff as well, but I think Sam’s adventures are more interesting and seem a lot more representative of what most overlanders can expect. I’d say they are getting better with each new one he writes too :) Deffo worth a read if you’re stuck for something to put on yer Xmas list.
Steve – UK

Having read Sam’s two previous books. I was keen to follow his continuing journey. The previous books had given me a taste for the visual stimulation that only a well written travel book can give. You feel that you share the moment, drama and sense of excitement of his travels. Sam’s latest book is no exception. Birgit as his travel companion gives a new light to his travels. Well done Sam. I hope others enjoy this book as much as I have.
Dave – UK

Distant Suns is FANTASTIC… by far and away the best yet. I’m about half way through and loving it. I spent a couple of days stranded in Croatia, whilst getting the alternator coil rewound on the R100 (the way one does) arrrgh and spent virtually all of the time sitting enthralled by Distant Suns. There just seems to be something about the writing in this one that just flows that little bit easier and at the same time sort of grabs you by the throat so you have to keep on reading !!!
Dennis – UK

Nearly finished the book, and it’s a bloody good read.
Steve – UK

Hi Sam,
I have now just finished reading your 3rd book “Distant Suns” having also read your two previous books. I would like to thank you for a “Dam good read” all three of them. I hope your relationship with Birgit continues to blossom and that you continue to have a exciting adventure full life together… You cannot leave your travel stories unfinished what about the rest of the USA trip?
Mike and Wendy – UK

Greetings Sam, just finished Distant Suns—-brilliant, will there be a follow up covering the States & Canada?
Best Wishes
Niall – UK