The Moment Collectors

Twenty Travellers’ Tales From Around The World




The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World

The Moment Collectors shares 20 unique tales of adventurous life on the road from Africa, Central Asia, South and North America, and Europe. Some of the contributing overlanding motorcyclists are hugely experienced globe-riders, while others are relatively new to exploring on two wheels. Several ride two up, some ride in pairs, and there are solo riders too.

Woven into each story you’ll discover a particular moment from the author where the reason they’re out there living their dreams suddenly and wonderfully comes to life.

The Moment Collectors includes published authors of books, magazine articles, blogs, and first-time writers. Their work is illustrated by over 70 drawings and paintings, plus 20 photographs.

These are The Moment Collectors:

Claire Elsdon, Geoff Hill, Spencer Conway & Cathy Nel, Shirley Hardy-Rix & Brian Rix, Ted Hely, Lisa Morris & Jason Spafford, Mark Donham, Graham Field, Tiffany Coates, EmmaLucy Cole, Tim & Marisa Notier, Christian Brix, Helen Lloyd, Michelle Lamphere, Travis & Chantil Gill, Lisa & Simon Thomas, Daniel Byers, Geoff Keys, Michnus & Elsebie Olivier, and Birgit Schuenemann & Sam Manicom.


Overland Magazine Review

“This is a lovely collection of short stories from those riders who have spent years on the road, and those who may be relatively new to the joys of overlanding, but who can tell a good tale. There are 20 contributors within 349 pages which gave me an opportunity to immediately discover some new writing talent… Throughout the book there are drawn illustrations by Simon Roberts, himself an overlander and author, which somehow add to the accessibility and comfort this book provides. I realise that may sound a little unconventional, but this is a publication that somehow oozes warmth and invites you in. This is a cracking collection…”

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure

“A wealth of motorcycle travel writing – highly recommended.”

Evening Standard

“A horizon-expanding book, remarkable encounters, fascinating, inspiring.”


“Adventure motorcycle inspiration.”

Adventure Rider Radio

“Riveting narratives that capture the essence of travel.”


“I’m delighted by the authors’ individuality of style, travel and perspective.”


“A fresh collection of tales from the world’s roads with a wide variety of perspectives on what adventure motorcycling is all about.”


“An intoxicating mix of storytelling.”


“It’s an outstanding read.”

Daily Mirror Online

“Read it have your heart warmed and maybe inspired to head off .”


“The road transformed from a thin layer of mud into a full-on mud stew that the tires could no longer sink their teeth into.”
Tim Notier

“Herds of goats would tap dance past the front door, spitting noisily, as geckos slid ninja-like up the smooth concrete and disappeared deep into the cracks in the walls…”
EmmaLucy Cole

“Snowcapped stratovolcanoes and mountain peaks soared in the distance. At this high altitude, the clean, crisp, cold air made for vivid, sharp images wherever we pointed our eyes.”
Michnus Olivier

“Waking up in a cold sweat, I sat up trying to clear my head and take in the surroundings. Where in the hell was I?”
Dan Byers

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The Moment Collectors - Twenty Travellers' Tales From Around The World