Under Asian Skies – Reader Feedback

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Finished another bloody good read by @SamManicom
Kate – UK

Hi Sam
Congratulations on a very interesting and enjoyable book. I was particularly impressed by your openness and honesty about yourself. The accounts of interaction with locals and fellow bikers was so well done. A book to inspire others, so thank you
Terry – UK

Dear Sam
I have just finished your book and it was absolutely brilliant. … I have learned so much from your book; I was completely “buried” in it.
Kind Regards
Eddie – UK

Hi Again Sam
What a great read, I read it in space of a few days. Books like yours are timeless in some way… I’m sure your books will, when picked up by a reader in 50 years time provide the same great read that they do now.
Bill – Ireland

A very enjoyable read, well written, I almost felt i was there at times sharing in your trials and tribulations, and also the good times, and also it has helped me too believe that no matter where you go in the world most of the people are good people, Your adventures are something I shall never do in my life now , and I can only thank you for sharing them with us all.
Merv – UK

Sam Just a wee note to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your first two books and look forward to receiving Distant Suns. Many Thanks.
Steve – UK

I’ve never even thought about going to Asia. Now I have yet another part of the world I have to travel to! I really like the way you talk about all the things a traveler sees and I love the little details you work into your books. You bring the world alive for me. Keep up the good work.
Paul – Canada

Hi Sam
There are two types of books – those I read when I have nothing better to do, and good books like your ‘Under Asian Skies’ which I make time for.
Mark – UK

Hi Sam
In keeping with your amazingly fast service I really ought to have emailed you the moment (Under Asian Skies) arrived but frankly I was too busy reading! I’m three quarters of the way through and so far it’s fantastic, each new chapter seems to be begged to be read and consequently I’ve done little else since Saturday. Your ability to suck the reader right into the scene and not let them go is truly inspiring, my only problem is soon I will run out of chapters and it’s a long time until Autumn! Lastly I’d just like to say a huge thank you for such great and personal service, if only everything else we had to buy was such a pleasure.
Drew – UK

Hi Sam
I just wanted to say what an excellent book this was. Enhanced by the fact that I was lucky enough to be reading it whilst in Thailand I think. Unfortunately I won’t be in Africa to read the other book I’ve just ordered from you. Anyway, thank you, its opened my eyes and given me the push I needed, as I’m hopefully heading off back to Asia in months time and then with any luck Australia and NZ.
Jim – UK

Both books so far have been just stunning, totally amazing, I continue to be seriously impressed.
Julian – England

Afternoon Sam
I have finally finished your book, having stretched it out as long as poss. I really did enjoy it so much I just didn’t want it to come to an end. Well written and a great adventure. Thanks for writing it. Hope you have a good Christmas and all the very best for the New Year and I shall look forward to the next book (I take it there will be one?)
Take Care.
Alan – UK

Hi Sam,
I can honestly say the new book is excellent, I am already more than halfway through……. (Bought on Saturday, email sent on Monday.)
Robert – UK

Hi Sam,
Just finished the new book. Great read and equally as good as Into Africa. Looking forward to the next episode.
Kev – UK

(Under Asian Skies) is even more interesting than the first book. Sam, you have an amazing talent for putting people in your boots. Sometimes this is not so good – as when you described the upchuck out the window on the bus ride!
Caroline – USA

I really did enjoy UNDER ASIAN SKIES I felt whilst reading that I was with you both all the way on your fantastic journey. I am upset I have now finished reading it and can’t wait until the next one!!!!
Kate – UK

Keep writing them, I’ll keep buying them!
Eddie – Isle of Man