Into Africa

Into Africa


"...The more I thought about it, the more I came to the conclusion that my life needed a damn good shaking - what better way to do it than this. On top of those thoughts there'd been a niggling voice in the back of my mind which had popped up far too often for safety. It kept spouting the words, 'A challenge like this will be fun!' A bike would be the perfect way to get into adventures, but there was a lot to learn - not least of which was that I didn't know how to ride a motorbike..."
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"...My eyes were drawn out over the shimmering brown and yellow plain towards the cool greens of the distant mountains. The sense of phenomenal space was quite awesome and it was only after all these months in Africa that I was really beginning to feel inspired by them. In the first months I'd been too busy just coping with my immediate environment to really take stock of just how big the land is. I felt that I was in a place where I could yell at the top of my voice for as long as I wanted, and not a soul would hear..."
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"...If you are an experienced traveler you may read this book and empathise with the steep learning curve involved with surviving in an unfamiliar land; if you are an inexperienced, or 'wanna'be' traveler - especially involving motorcycles - you may well read this and think, 'He's no different to me, I COULD do that' ..."
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Readers' Feedback

"...It's the best book I've ever read about my beloved Africa. In your writing you make it all come alive in WORDS. I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE, but you did it! The smells, the laughter, the hardships... they all come floating off of the pages. A very BIG APPLAUSE!"
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